National Safety Month on June, 2024: Help with teaching safety class?

June, 2024 is National Safety Month 2024. National Safety Week: Safety Tips for Restaurant Workers National Safety Month

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Help with teaching safety class?

Safety meetings are mandatory in most workplaces and your fellow workers need to shut up and listen and it will be as painless as possible. You should check with your boss and find out what NOT to do. also, you should say something about yourself if they are giving you a hard time about FM Bill, or you could play that up a little and show them you have a sense of humor.

try looking at:

I think slips and falls are important issues to cove in a restaurant.

You can always put in some info about home detectors at the end.

national forest service police vs national park service park ranger police?

national forest service police vs national park service park ranger police?

National Park Rangers are any uniformed member of the National Park Service (NPS), a division of the US Department of the Interior and include naturalists, resource managers, administrative personnel and "visitor protection" rangers. Protection rangers do law enforcement, EMS, search and rescue, wildland and in some parks, structural firefighting, and resource (natural, historical and cultural) protection. They have a four year degree, usually in the biological sciences, or, in the case of seasonal (summer) rangers, are working on one. They working in one of the National Parks, Recreation Areas, Historic Sites, Scenic Riverways, Monuments and Preserves. Protection rangers wear a different badge than other rangers, and are armed and have gone through either a seasonal law enforcement training program, or for permanent staff, a 24 week course at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) in Glyncoe, GA. National Park units are administered by the NPS and the Department of the Interior.

US Forest Service Law Enforcement Officers (LEOs) are sworn (commissioned) officers of the US Forest Service, part of the federal Department of Agriculture. Their primary duties are the the protection of the lands and resources of our National Forests and Grasslands, the safety of forest users, and the prevention, detection and investigation of criminal activity on the Forest Service lands, and are required to be wildland firefighter certified. Like NPS rangers, USFS LEOs have a 4 year degree, and go through a six-month training program at FLETC, and a six-month Field Training with senior LEOs in other parts of the country. Seasonal and non-sworn enforcement personnel are called Forest Protection Officers, and FPO training is incidental to their primary job, such as foresters, recreation technicians, wilderness rangers, and laborers. Although all USFS personnel are uniformed, only the district forester and his/her assistants, and specific wilderness and backcountry FPOs are called "rangers" in the Forest Service. Only LEOs carry issued firearms in the course of their normal duties, and their shoulder patch and badge are different than other employees. National Forests and Grasslands are administered by the Department of Agriculture/US Forest Service.

The Bureau of Land Management of the Department of the Interior and the US Army Corps of Engineers also employ rangers for law enforcement and visitor protection.

how to become a safety manager with out college degree?

how to become a safety manager with out college degree?

If you are in the uk, do the Nebosh National certificate in Occupational health and safety. They also do one similar specialising in construction if that is your field. It costs about £800 and takes about 6 months to do at home.

Your experience will count for a lot, but some companies will want you to have a bit of paper saying you know your subject. Nebosh is an approved body, and with the certificate you can apply for technician level membership to Iosh (institute of Occupational H&S)

Nebosh also do a diploma, which takes about 2 years to do. Much more expensive but its the highest safety qualification that a person can do.

Good luck with it!

Have a safe day!!

Also on this date Saturday, June 1, 2024...