Professional Wellness Month on June, 2023: wellness challenge for office?

June, 2023 is Professional Wellness Month 2023. Occupational Wellness Month - Career Wellness Month Occupational Wellness Month:

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wellness challenge for office....?

hi stef

i think instead of DRIVING PPL to get them involved......u got to make them THINK of going to a wellness centre.

1. to drive ppl into the centre....u can have a coffee shop next to the centre....

2.make a weekly mailer with positive thoughts ....a small paper pamplet with star busts containing quotes/ statistics regarding health "u can loose 120cal with 5 min gym " or u can have someting like "this pizza u ate last night added 48 gms to u r weight " and many many more ...these u get from the internet ...........millions of stat em every week and put it down .....u can ensure these are stuck on the work board / notice of EACH of u r employees. ( OR CAN be posted induvidually)

u can add many attractive slogans too..

3 . but the wellness centre with a very good music system and try to mix 2 types of with a soothing ef fect...for ppl who want to do yoga,.............and the fast track to include .....workouts.

4. u r wellness centre should include a portion for ppl to RELAX FROM STRESS AND that ppl are attracted to the joint. ( like a small portion to have a water fall - about 8ft .........or u can have water running down around the room and inbetweet the seating ......u got to fill the flow with pebbles so that the sound of the water flow enhances.

5. u got to have a fitness trainer ...who is professional that makes ur employes BELIEVE/TRUST the guy who is training u r employes....

6. a portion of the resturent - u can reserve for a smal HEALTH RESTURENT............. which serves salads........ sugar free coffee.......... gelatino etc etc....( a small one i mean ) that MAKES PPL WALK - IN.

7 U GOT to include equipment FOR simple workouts........Like a skipping rope , some equipment for finger messege/workout......... simple excercises for the 35+ crowd ....which make them THINK THAT THEY CAN CONFIDENTLY HANDLE SIMPLE WORKOUT machines ......

8. u got to tell them the importence of ur venture telling...that so much is spent on this wellness centre and u r going to use it FREE OF COST...........thereby sending a message that........... "wellness is important and your company CARES for it"

9. try to alot 1 hour for u r ppl OFF THEIR REGULAR HOURS OF WORK they think.........." i am going to get an hour break from work .........and i can utilize this for a workout"

10 u can have wellness cooking demo classes once in 2 months .........healty food for the healthy ppl etc etc.


BYE FOR NOW ....mail if u wanna discuss more


How can I recover from bulimia without professional help?

How can I recover from bulimia without professional help?

...It sounds like you will have to get the professional help you need, and you are so worth it and nothing should stand in your way, but if you are adamant about not seeking professional help right now, then here are a few suggestions for you, but please do not place more emphasis on this instead of talking with someone in the medical field ... First, you will need a strong personal faith to believe in and hang on to tightly that when needed you can return to it at any time. You will also have to accept 100% that you have this illness, that if you do not recover from this, it will take a much worse and severe toll on you. This is needed to remove any denial mechanisms you may be using at this time that are enabling you to continue in this illness. In time you will have to say verbally good-bye to this illness, that you no longer want it in your life and that you can live very well without it and it is no longer needed or wanted.. ... Next and if you can, find a support group where you can relate to others, talk over what you are feeling and going through and support others as they support you. Then, gather all the sound/valid information you can get from true autobiographical stories ( in the self help section of bookstores) that have been written by people who have struggled with this illness and are now on their continued journey of recovery. The tools they used may also help you. Also any information from the mental health association which would be factual as well... I believe above all you need to have faith in your self, that you not only can recover, but you will. But please remember that this is Not about your will and overpowering your illness, but about accepting it, even embracing it as a part of who you were, and now you are gradually beginning to let it go because it has served it's purpose, and the purpose is no longer present.(this comes after some healing has taken place, of course) and you must love your self through all parts of this healing....Next, Change your habits, all of them, because what you do now and have always done will all be reminders in supporting your illness.... Journaling is also one of the best tools to use in any recovery. Write about when this began, what happened, how you felt then, and how you feel now, and express and feel your emotions. You will also have to enlist those that do know about this and give each one ways in which they can help you even if it is only one, and be very honest about this. Because of your past abuse, it is clear this is in direct relation to your illness so you will also have to work towards healing in this area and the same format I have just written would apply. There are books on this as well and I am sure once you begin reading others stories, you will no longer feel alone and will relate much of what you feel with how they (the writers) also felt. Above all dear, pray for the Courage to heal, the Strength to see you through, and the Faith to sustain you once you are where you want to be in your recovery. Remember that there is no wrong or right way to do any of this. You work along at your own pace, always moving forward....These are only suggestions and are in no way meant to replace any professionals help you may or may not receive... I truly wish you much wellness, and that you will see your light that is waiting for you, at the end of this dark tunnel. God Bless.

This is 4 hairstylest and professionals on hair only!?

This is 4 hairstylest and professionals on hair only!?

If you have had it dyed that much within that amount of time I suggest you wait @ least 1 month 2 would be better for your hair though to try stop it from drying out.

You are going to end up with really dry hair if you keep dying it like this.

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Also on this date Thursday, June 1, 2023...