World Infertility Month on June, 2023: Period twice in one month?

June, 2023 is World Infertility Month 2023.

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Period twice in one month?

Yeah depo will screw your periods up for up to 6 months thay say. Stop taking any kind of birth control PLEASE, they are all un-natural and will mess your reproductive system up. How is it that America has the highest infertility in the world and the women take the MOST birth control, ranging from getting your tubes tied, patches, shots, pills ect.......

I think condoms are the best , not convenient but the safest.

Trying to conceive for 20 months?

Trying to conceive for 20 months?

Unfortunately, with unexplained infertility, you may never know the reason. That is one of the particularly sucky aspects of an unexplained diagnosis, especially if you are like me and you want to know how things work (or don't work in this case).

Sometimes women who have an unexplained diagnosis get a real diagnosis when they do IVF. I have seen women pass all of the other tests, but when they do their first IVF, none or a very few of their eggs fertilize. It is often difficult to diagnose poor egg quality until a doctor has actually seen what happends to the egg after sperm are introduced.

It could also be an implantation issue. Some embryos lack a protein necessary to implant properly, and although there is a test for this, it is very rarely perfomed (I think just in a few IVF clinics in the world). You may also have immune issues. You might create normal embryos, but after they implant, your own immune system might destroy them. This can happen in some women so quickly that they never get an HCG in their system.

Personally, I have been TTC#1 for 8 years, and I have done 3 IUIs and 3 IVFs, and our diagnosis is still unexplained. We have done all tests, had great embryos each time, but still I did not get pregnant. The third time finally worked, but who the heck knows why when all the other times failed?

I would try a few IUIs, and then if money permits, IVF. It may really help you get an answer, and more importantly, a baby.

Feel free to email me if you have any questions.

where do I find an alternative medicine for infertility?

where do I find an alternative medicine for infertility?

Infertility has many causes, but medical science uses fertility drugs that are dangerous and can cause multiple births, etc. Many cases of infertility are due to low thyroid function. Taking a thyroid medication is NOT the way to handle that issue. The primary cause of thyroid deficiency is the lack of the body to make the T3 & T4 hormones. They are made from iodine & tyrosine amino acid. The high use of fluoride in today's world has created many iodine deficiencies in many people. You can test to see if you are deficient very easily in your own home. Get a small bottle of "Tincture of iodine" and paint a 2" x 3" patch on your forearm first thing in the morning. You should be able to visually see the iodine 24 hours later if you are not deficient. If it goes away visually, in a few hours, you are severely deficient in iodine. Since your thyroid only uses about 4% of the iodine you ingest, it can take several months to get rid of the deficiency by taking a "Once living source" of iodine herbal mixture. Also, eliminate all fluoride from your diet and get a shower filter that extracts the fluoride from the water. Stop with the fluoride toothpaste, etc. Don't use ANY Teflon pans, etc.

Obviously, both you and your husband need to do this.

Additionally, if you are eating ANYTHING with SOY in it that is NOT fermented, STOP. Soy depletes 60% of the sperm count in men, inhibits protein digestion, contains goitrogens that slow down the thyroid function. Soy also depletes the body of iron (about 50%) and other minerals and is just not a good thing to consume under any circumstances. Soy also contains lots of phytoestrogens that can cause a man to get Man-Boobs and become more feminine.

The next thing to realize is the cholesterol is the basis for ALL your steroid hormones. If you have cholesterol that is low, this will greatly affect your ability to produce those hormones necessary to have normal endocrine functions. If you are eating lots of carbs, especially sugars with low fiber content, this will indirectly cause higher cortisol production and reduce your precursors required to make good steroid hormones, like estrogen, aldesterone, testosterone, etc.

Try these things and you may find the problem will go away. Making your body healthy is the key to most issues like this. Get lots of exercise because that will also speed up your metabolism and support good thyroid function. Eat LOTS OF COCONUT OIL because it contains about 49% lauric acid that nourishes the thyroid function.

Reduce your carb intake to about 40% of your diet or about 75 grams per day and increase your fats to equal about 30% of your daily diet. Eliminate the soybean oils, canola, cottonseed, and corn oils, all hydrogenated oils, all fried foods, and eat lots of good oils like coconut, olive oil, and real butter (especially RAW BUTTER from grass fed cows). Find a good source of grass fed animal meats. You will need to locate a rancher that can provide that or an on-line source, but it needs to be truly grass fed with NO GRAINS.

I would also try Mr. E's suggestion of chiropractic because that can definitely help open the nerve passage ways to all parts of the body and as we age, we need more and more of that kind of help because our muscles become weaker and this causes the spinal cord to more easily compress. Good answer Mr. E.

good luck to you

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