Georgia Blueberry Month on June, 2023: "americana" themed bbq ideas?

June, 2023 is Georgia Blueberry Month 2023.

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"americana" themed bbq ideas?

You can start with the invites: * Vintage Postcards. Go to thrift shops to find vintage postcards and use them to mail out invitations. Stick to the front of an off-white or cream blank card and write your party details on the inside. Use a traditional font like “Bickham Script Pro” to type up your invitation so it looks hand-written.

* Hand-made Stamped cards. Make your own stamps out of sponges and use them to stamp your cards. Get inexpensive muslin and dollar store sponges. Cut into star and stripe shapes. Stamp using colors red and blue to make a flag or any other design. Let dry. Cut a small piece of your hand-stamped fabric to fit the front of the card and glue in place. Write party details on the inside.

Crafts for kids>> Make your own soap. Purchase soap blocks from the craft store and melt in the microwave following instructions. Let kids put in dried flowers, herbs, or patriotic confetti. Let cool down. Pop out of tray and package with pretty paper bags and tie off with ribbon.

Wooden Toys. Get a few wooden toys from the craft store and let kids assemble, paint and decorate them.

Popsicle Creations. Large boxes of popsicles sticks are inexpensive and kids can use their creativity to make their own creations. Use a rectangle piece of foam core as a base for them to build things on and supply lots of tacky glue.

Food>>Print state names on paper in typewriter fonts and attach to toothpicks as banners and place with the food that comes from each state.

* Chili. Make Chili - Serve with Arizona Cornbread and Wisconsin Cheese.

* Coney Island Hot Dogs. Serve with lots of condiment options, like sauerkraut, peppers and onions, relish, pickles, mustard, ketchup, onions, cheddar, and some Obama Chili!

* Maine Blueberries. Put delicious blueberries in a rolled up paper lunch bag.

* Washington Red Cherries. Serve fresh cherries if in season otherwise get dried ones or serve cherry topping with ice cream.

* Pennsylvania Chocolate. Hershey, PA is the home of the Hershey chocolate! Put variations of chocolate for a chocolate taste test.

* Georgia Peanuts. Add some delicious peanuts to the mix. Serve honey peanuts, beer nuts, for a peanut taste test. Check for allergies first.

* Idaho Potatoes. Roll up some parchment paper and place in a cup. Fill with shoestring potatoes.

* Hawaii Pineapple. Serve some delicious cut up pineapple.

* Florida Orange Juice. Serve fresh orange juice from Florida as drinks. During the hot summer months, consider making orange juice popsicles instead.

* Wisconsin Cheese. Serve different cheeses for guests to try and serve shredded cheddar cheese with the Chili.

* Illinois Popcorn. Illinois is the official state of popcorn! Make popcorn the old fashioned way and serve in popcorn cartons.

Funnel Cakes. One of the most popular treats to have at fairs, sporting events and perfect for a nostalgic Americana theme!

Game>> Compass Treasure Hunt. Do a little orienteering or scavenger hunting with a compass. Provide compasses to guests and teach them how to use a compass. Design a simple course for them to follow and to look for hidden objects. For example:

1. Walk 5 paces to the North.

2. Walk 15 paces to the West. Look for hidden clue under rock (put the next clue there).

3. Walk 20 paces to the South.

4. Walk the same paces as your last clue to the East. Look for hidden clue under the rock marked with star (put next clue there).

5. Walk 15 paces to the North. Do 15 jumping jacks and look for your next clue under the sleeping tree (put clue under fallen tree).

6. Walk 5 paces West. Look for hidden treasure. (Guests should end up where they started. Hide treasure under leaves, behind bushes, etc.

Party Favors>>Old Fashioned Bees Wax Candles. Get some beeswax candles, wrap with a pretty ribbon and decorate with a vintage button.

Star shaped candle. Use them to light up the party table or give away as favors to your guests.

Old Fashioned Candy. Use a paper lunch bag and fill with all sorts of old fashioned candies. Scrunch up the top and tie with a ribbon.

(When I hear Americana...I think of Norman Rockwell scenes. Find some pics..even online, enlarge and do a modpodge on them on a serving tray---otherwise nostalgia Coca Cola products or Dr. Pepper products would serve the same purpose.)

what are all the flavors blizzards dairy queen has ever came out with?

what are all the flavors blizzards dairy queen has ever came out with?

Blizzard Flavor History

1985 - Year Introduced

Butterfinger Bar

Heath Bar

Reese's Pieces Candy

M&M's Candy

Chocolate Sandwich Cookies (Oreo, Droxie)

Peanut Butter Crunch

German Chocolate

Banana Split

Chocolate Chip



Turtlettes (Pecan Cluster)


Chocolate Covered Cherries

Banana Pudding

Standard Toppings (Chocolate, Hot Fudge, Strawberry, Butterscotch or Pineapple)


Whoppers® Candy

Snickers® Bar

Peanut Buster

Featured: Cherry, Strawberry, Blueberry


M&M®'s Peanut Candy

Nestle® Crunch Bar

Nerds® Candy — Orange, Strawberry, Cherry

Golden Grahams®

Cinnamon Toast Crunch®


Mint Chocolate Cookie

Ginger Snaps

Apple Crunch

Pecan Praline

Rainbow Nerds® Candy


Reese's® Peanut Butter Cup


Egg Nog

Strawberry Banana

Irish Mint



Pumpkin Pie


Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Mud Pie

Rocky Road



Fudge Pecan Brownie

Peanut Butter and Jelly


Chocolate Almond

Pecan Crunch

Walnut Fudge


Mint M&M®'s

Fudge Oreo®

Cappuccino Heath®


Mint Oreo

Nutty Butterfinger

Berry Banana with Vienna Fingers


Georgia Mud Fudge®

Yukon Cruncher®

Whopp'N Wild®


Grape Kool-Aid® Explosion

Mocha Chip with Nescafe®

Baby Ruth®


**Blizzard of the Month program introduced in July

Mocha Chip

Yule Flip Peppermint Chip

All-American (Red White and Blue M&Ms)

Chocolate Xtreme


Choco Cherry LoveTM

Mint Oreo®

Keebler® Fudge Stripe

Peanut Butter Oreo®

Strawberry CheeseQuakeTM

Holidazzle M&M®'s

Cotton Candy

Bubble Gum

Caramel Apple PopTM

Twix® or Treat


CheeseQuakeTM Line — Strawberry, Toffee and Oreo

Chocolate French Silk Pie

Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

Brownie Batter


Do you use cloth diapers?

Do you use cloth diapers?

1. We use a mixture of diapers. Bumgenius 3.0's, Blueberry Minkys, Happy Heinys, and a few custom mades as well as I am buying some Rumparooz later today. I think the best out of the bunch (and cheapest) are the Bumgenius 3.0's.

2. We started out with 26...and now we have approximately 32 or so? We certainly don't need that many though (I am just addicted to cute dipes). You could probably get by with 10 considering Georgia is older and pees/poops less often than younger babies

3. I have always just used the inserts that come with the diapers, but you can buy more and the price will depend on the material (microfiber, fleece, bamboo, hemp, etc).

4. The cons (I guess?) are doing (a bit) more laundry each week (but if you consider there are less poop blowouts in cloth I think we probably do about the same amount as we would with disposables because we always had blowouts with disposables). Also, its a bit of work to strip the diapers if they get stinky and it won't wash out..but that's a rare occurance. I love cloth diapering.

Advice, don't tie yourself down to one brand right away, they aren't cheap and you don't want to end up with a bunch of diapers that don't work for your baby. All babies are shaped differently and move differently so different diapers fit different babies differently (lol..could i use the word different any more).

I also would suggest buying used, its a good way to save money and test dipes out before paying full price (check out your local craigslist or on Lots of people love diaperswappers, its too confusing for me though.

You might also look into cloth training pants. Some of the brands make training pants (I will post a link) so then you could just go straight to those instead of diapers. Or even get some diapers and some training pants, which its good to have the dipes if you are planning another baby.

This is a website I buy dipes from occasionally (the lady who runs it is super helpful and easy to work with). The link below is of the blueberry trainers, I am sure other brands offer cheaper options though.

ETA: Pull-Ups are the same as disposable diapers just with a more "grown up" name. They still take all the moisture away from the babbys skin so the babby doesn't know they are wet (thus not helping with potty training as you need the child to know what being wet feels like). Pull ups are a scam, if you are going to use them Yasmin might as well just leave your babby in diapers, diapers are cheaper anyway.

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