International Men's Month on June, 2024: Where can i buy really cheap men's clothes online?

June, 2024 is International Men's Month 2024.

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Where can i buy really cheap men’s clothes online?

Buying ANYTHING online is not cheap, if they have FREE shipping, FREE return policy, they've already been added to the price of your products. You can easily buy products that are 35-45% CHEAPER than department stores: TJ Maxx, Marshll's, Ross, or Goodwill starts @ 99cents.


So I made an account and I have no billing, card, or shipping information only my name. I had no idea they charged you 40 bucks a month so I'm wanting to cancel my account. How do I do that? Also, if I'm not able to will I get in trouble because I'm not paying them 40 bucks a month for a fraud?

Another example from ASOS: They DON'T HAVE TOLL FREE NUMBER, so if you're USA trying to order, you need to know your Beginning & END date of your Credit Card. Mine's NOT TAKING IT. I have to email them, now I have to wait 6 hours before I can get my question answered, to order something from them. BTW: when I finally got my email answered, they're saying I'm having computer problem (I don't), and that I needed to clean my virus. I ended up NOT ordering from them, that still didn't answer my question!

One example from YA: I ordered clothes from PacSun worth 200 dollars, it was shipped by FedEx then given to usps. The tracking number says the package has been delivered but I didn't receive anything I was home all day. What should I do? Should I contact FedEx or usps? If I contact PacSun do you think I can get my money back?

Example of Small Prints from

Please note: Topshop stores in Australia, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden and the USA, currently do not offer refunds or exchanges on any purchases. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you.
Unfortunately we are unable to offer exchanges at this time. You will need to return the unwanted item to us for processing first and then place a new order.

I also suggest when paying for online purchases, don't use Paypal, it takes just once to be a victim. I was and it took 3 years to get my credit. Use your Credit Card, always, they can help you if any disputes. Scammers Fool eBay Sellers with Fake PayPal Emails 8-19-13.

… Example from YA!: "On the 10th of November we returned a watch I had bought for my husband, it was supposed to be an automatic but when it was taken off stopped after a short while. I phoned to tell then and they said to return it for a refund, I know it reached them on the 11th November as I tacked it by the post office. the promised refund has yet to come after several email all ignored and a few phone calls now all I can do is contact the credit card company. so customers beware".

AND beware of international shipping, they could add 3-25% extra fees, even if the price is cheap.

My merchant was from Texas, but the product was shipped from Hong Kong. This products, I ALSO told them we'll be gone for 2 weeks, and not deliver it unless I signed it (value $2000). It was sitting on my PORCH when I got home! Because, it could have been stolen, I decided to teach them a lesson, and returned it, lucky it was my credit card that I used!

Other times, when you need to call Customer Service, they speak in foreign tongue and no one to translate them or JUST they don't answer calls.

Were they bought on eBay, Etsy, Amazon, Craigslist, Costco, Asos Market, street vendors, or online store? Kiosk @ the mall? NOT REAL. Those places are BUYS AS IS. Any stores that are offering 35-70% off than regular department stores for the same merchandise/product ARE mostly overstock, outlet stores, CLEARANCE, Liquidation, and/or IRREGULAR products. There are re-stocking FEES, too!

What do you think is the men’s movement biggest achievement so far?

What do you think is the men's movement biggest achievement so far?

I think you point out good points. Actually, I don't really see much changes in Men's movement. But governments are giving Men slightly more rights after the first ever International Men's Right Forum or something. Held in Switzerland last october. Abortion fundings for feminists groups have cut, and women in some areas of the West now have to be responsible for something related to their fetus. Can't exactly remember, but it was shown by one asker a few months back. One of the best things achieved is the portraying of Men in media. Some MRAs successfully removed banners like 'Boys are stupid, throw rocks at them' and 'I will beat my wife when I grow up.' among others.

Edit :

Nothing to do with the question. Nowadays, I find it easier to give answerers thumbs up or down. Looking at the people whose answer got hidden due to TDs, and some of the fake friendly feminists, I give them thumbs down without even reading their pathetic answers all the time. Its the same people over and over again and because you know their answer is nonsensical, you just have to click for thumbs down. Very easy.

How would you celebrate this International Women Day.?

How would you celebrate this International Women Day.?

Its just another bull cr*p day like all the other stupid days they push on us.

There are others too, like:

International Customs Day

Data Protection Day

World Hypnotism Day

There are about 7 days exclusively devoted to women (one of them lasts a month):

United Nations Day for Women's Rights and International Peace

International Women's Day

International Day of Zero Tolerance to Female Genital Mutilation

International Mothers' Day

International Day of Rural Women

International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

On the other hand, there is just Fathers day and International Men's day.

I think the idea of having days and months to ponder things is very silly, especially considering the fact that theyre exclusive of people based on sex and especially considering most of the other days are about famine, war and the envrionment.

International day for the elimination of violence against women? Statistically, men are more likely to be the victim of a violent crime than women. So why not call it International day for the elimination of violent crime?

Rural women? So farmers? Why on earth do they get their own day!? Why isnt there an office workers day, or a suburban adults day? Its all just silly to me.

Also on this date Saturday, June 1, 2024...