Cataract Awareness Month on June, 2024: August is the ONLY calender month without a MAJOR holiday: Why has it never been claimed for any

June, 2024 is Cataract Awareness Month 2024. cataract 13.jpg August is Cataract Awareness

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August is the ONLY calender month without a MAJOR holiday: Why has it never been claimed for any

The following events are observed calendar month-long in August:

American Adventures Month

American History Essay Contest

National Catfish Month

Black Business Month

Cataract Awareness Month

Children's Eye Health and Safety Month

Children's Vision and Learning Month

Get Ready for Kindergarten Month

Happiness Happens Month

Harvest Month

Motorsports Awareness Month

National Immunization Awareness Month

National Inventor's Month

National Panini Month

National Water Quality Month

National Win with Civility Month

Neurosurgery Outreach Month

Peach Month

Spinal Muscular Atrophy Awareness Month

What Will Be Your Legacy Month

Should my son have MMR vaccine? It is safe or not?

Should my son have MMR vaccine? It is safe or not?

Yes, your son should have the MMR vaccination.

I always get frustrated with how much pseudo-science is regurgitated by anti-vaccine people who are trying to scare the crap out of other people. [There are still people out there trying to say that HIV doesn't cause AIDS.....and they have their pseudo-science to "back them up" too.....]

Any direct causal link between MMR vaccinations and autism has been disproven. Time and again. It is unfortunate that the signs and symptoms of autism naturally present at around the same time as the shot is given. IT causes many parents (naturally upset and horrified that their child is sick) to look for someone to blame. The definition of autism was also expanded to Autism spectral disorder. With medical advancements and an increased awareness and diagnosis of Autism (in all its variations) has been a large part of the "increase in autism". Kids, who 30 years ago would have been considered "a bit odd" (no offense intended) are now being diagnosed as having a mild for of autism.

Measles, mumps, and of the above answers states that they are all minor childhood diseases comparable to chicken pox which normal children endure and recover from without complication"....this is beyond ridiculous and patently untrue:


-pre-vaccine(1950-1954): average annual rate

369.1/100 000

-post vaccine (2000-2004) average rate of

0.2/100 000

-that equals(In Canada) a peak annual rate of 61,370 cases vs 199 cases post vaccine coverage

**Measles complications: bronchopneumonia/ottismedia occur in 10% of cases, encephalitis in 1/1000 cases (fatal in 15% and neurological complications in 25%, subacute sclerosing panencephalitis ir rare but fatal complication


-pre-vaccine: 248.9/100 000

-post-vaccine: 0.3/100 000

-that equals (In Canada) a peak annual no of 43,671 cases vs 202 cases post vaccine coverage

*Mumps complications include: acute parotitis in 40%, 20-30% of post-pubertal males develop orchitis, 5% of postpubertal women develop oophoritis both of which can lead to infertility. Deafness occurs at rates of about 5/100 000 cases, encephalitis is rare but does occur.


-pre vaccine: 105.4/100 000

-post vaccine: 0.1/100 000

-peak annual no cases pre vaccine was 37,917 (Canada) and post vaccine coverage peak annual no is 29 cases

-Rubella complications: encephalitis occurs in 1/6000 is most important to prevent rubella infection in pregnancy where it does the most damage (congenital rubella syndrome, CRS). Infections in first 10 weeks of pregnancy have an 85% chance of leading to CRS...miscarriage, stillbirth, fetal malformations (congential heart disease, cataracts, deafness, and mental retardation)

The frequency of these are down BECAUSE of vaccinations. When vaccine coverage drops, diseases return:

In Japan, pertussis vaccine coverage dropped from 90% to less than 40% because of public concern over two infant deaths that followed DPT immunization. Prior to the drop in coverage there were 200 to 400 cases of pertussis

each year in Japan. From 1976 to 1979, following the marked drop in vaccine coverage, there were 13,000 cases of pertussis, of which over 100 were fatal.

In Ireland, measles vaccine coverage dropped to 76% following allegations of a link with autism. The number of measles cases increased from 148 in 1999 to 1200 in 2000, along with several child deaths due to the complications of


As far as the toxins go (as mentioned in a previous answer):

Formaldehyde is used in some vaccines as an additive to prevent/inhibit viruses and protein toxins at an early stage of the manufacturing process. Most of them are removed during later stages, but TRACE amounts may be present in the final product. The amounts present are only of consequence for individuals who are allergic to them Concern has been expressed about formaldehyde because of its use as an embalming agent. However formaldehyde is also an intermediate in human metabolism, and the amount normally found in blood, even of a young infant, exceeds by 10 fold or more what is found in a dose of vaccine.

Aluminum: is used as an 'adjuvant' in some vaccines and acts to increase immune response and/or duration of response. This reduces the amount of 'immunogen' needed (or the number of doses needed before immunity is confered). The only adjuvants used in vaccines currently marketed in Canada are aluminum salts (aluminum hydroxide, aluminum phosphate or potassium aluminum sulfate), which primarily enhance the immune response to proteins.

They have been shown to be safe over seven decades of use.

Rarely, they may cause injection site reactions, including subcutaneous nodules, granulomatous inflammation or contact hypersensitivity. Subcutaneous rather than intramuscular deposition, as occurs when using too short a

needle, may increase the risk of such reactions.

*** After oxygen and silicon, aluminum is the third most abundant element in the environment and daily exposure occurs, primarily through food. Infant formula contains from 0.2 to 1.1 mg aluminum/litre whereas vaccines contain from 0.2 to 0.85 mg per dose. Both exposures are considered to be within the limits of safety!!!

Research has not "pointed to human exposure to various toxins as the likely cause for many cases of autism" In fact, research is and has been looking at genetic factors as the cause of autism. I agree, however, that more research does need to be done on what exactly DOES cause autism.

So, yes, the MMR vaccine is considered safe. Yes, malaise and fever with or without a non-infectious rash is possible. Up to 1% may develop parotits. 5% may have swollen glands, stiff neck/joint pain. About 1 in 30 000 develop transient thrombocytopenia and about 1 in 1 million may develop encephalitis.......take another look at the complications from M, M, and R and the death totals. Are vaccines worth it.......YES YES and YES!!!! But that is my EDUCATED opinion.

But, questioning issues that affect the health of your child is EXACTLY what you should be doing.....just don't let the paranoia and pseudo-science distract you from the real information. Speak to your doctor about this. And be wary of information found online. Some of it is excellent, some of it is garbage.

Take care,

how long can chronic uveitis last?

how long can chronic uveitis last?

Unfortunately uveitis effects everyone differently. If yours still isn't under control after 6 months I'd suggest an alternative treatment plan such as immunosuppressant therapy. Long term steroids will cause cataract and raised IOP leading to secondary glaucoma.

Please visit the uveitis website

There's a ton of information, a forum to discuss uveitis with other sufferers and a helpline. Three of the top uveitis specialists in the UK are on the Medical Advisory Board, and we raise funds to help raise awareness of this little known inflammatory eye disease which is the third leading cause of preventable blindness in the developed world.

I set up the Olivia's Vision charity following the diagnosis of my then 9 year old daughter with chronic bilateral anterior uveitis. She lost vision in her right eye due to a combination of the disease itself and steroids drops which were ineffective and just caused more complications.

Please take the time to read the info on the website particularly treatments, the more you know the more you'll be able to question. Contact me via the website if you'd like any further info.

Best of luck



Olivia's Vision

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