Vision Research Month on June, 2023: Where can I find a list of appreciation and awareness months?

June, 2023 is Vision Research Month 2023.

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Where can I find a list of appreciation and awareness months?

Full List of Awareness Dates


1-31 National Blood Donor Month

1-31 Cervical Cancer Awareness Month

1-31 Poison Prevention Awareness Month

1-31 Financial Wellness Month

4-11 Women's Self-Empowerment Week

7-11 National Thank Your Customers Week

17 Customer Service Day

21-27 Hunt For Happiness Week

25-31 NYC Restaurant Week

29 Chinese New Year


1-30 Marfan Syndrome Awareness Month

1-30 National Parent Leadership Month

1-30 Plant The Seeds Of Greatness Month

1-30 Library Lovers Month

1-30 Youth Leadership Month

1-30 National Weddings Month

1-30 Time Management Month

1-30 American Hear Month

1-30 Black History Month

1-7 Women's Heart Health Week

6 Ash Wednesday

6-13 National Patient Recognition Week

11-18 Heart Failure Awareness Week

12 Abraham Lincoln Birthday

12 NAACP Founded

14 Valentines Day

15 Susan B. Anthony Day

17 George Washingtons Birthday

18 Presidents' Day


1-30 American Red Cross Month

1-30 National Parent Leadership Month

1-30 Honor Society Awareness Month

1-30 Irish-American Heritage Month

1-30 National Athletic Training Month

1-30 National Caffeine Awareness Month

1-30 National Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Month

1-30 National Clean Up Your IRS Act Month

1-30 National Collision Awareness Month

1-30 National Ethics Awareness Month

1-30 National Eye Donor Month

1-30 National Kidney Month

1-30 National Multiple Sclerosis Education and Awareness Month

1-30 National Nutrition Month

1-30 National Social Work Month

1-30 National Womens History Month

1-30 National Write a Letter of Appreciation Week

1-30 Poison Prevention Awareness Month

1-30 Steroid Abuse Prevention Month


1-30 Alcohol Awareness Month

1-30 Cesarean Awareness Month

1-30 Cancer Control Month

1-30 Irritable Bowel Syndrome Awareness Month

1-30 Jazz Appreciation Month

1-30 National Autism Awareness Month

1-30 National Child Abuse Prevention Month

1-30 National Infant Immunization Month

1-30 National Occupational Therapy Month

1-30 National Oral Health Month

1-30 Women's Eye Health and Safety Month

3 Sexual Assault Awareness Month Day of Action

3 National Public Health Week (Climate Change)

4-10 Brain Tumor Action Week

5 Kick Butts Day (Tobacco-Free Kids)

6 National Alcohol Screening Day

7 World Health Day

11 National D.A.R.E. Day

11 World Parkinson's Day

14 Children With Alopecia Day (Alopecia Awareness)

16-20 Consumer Awareness Week

16 World Hemophilia Day

17 National Stress Awareness Day

20 Passover

19-26 National Infant Immunization Week

20-26 National Window Safety Week

21-28 Administrative Professionals Week

22 Earth Day

23 Administrative Professionals Day

25-30 National Oral, Head, and Neck Cancer Week

26 March for Babies (Walk America)


1-31 Haitian Heritage Month

1-31 American Stroke Month

1-31 Asian Pacific American Heritage Month

1-31 Awareness of Medical Orphans Month

1-31 Family Wellness Month

1-31 Better Hearing and Speech Month

1-31 Better Sleep Month (Stress/Insomnia)

1-31 Clean Air Month

1-31 Correct Posture Month

1-31 Fibromyalgia Education and Awareness Month

1-31 Healthy Vision Month

1-31 International Victorious Woman Month

1-31 Lyme Disease Awareness Month

1-31 Melanoma/Skin Cancer Detection and Prevention Month

1-31 Motorcycle Safety Month

1-31 National Arthritis Month

1-31 National Athsma and Allergy Awareness Month

1-31 National Cancer Research Month month

1-31 National Celiac Disease Awareness month

1-31 National Hepatitis Awareness Month

1-31 National High Blood Pressure Education Month

1-31 National Mental Health Month

1-31 National Neurofibromatosis Month

1-31 National Osteoporosis Awareness and Prevention Month

1-31 National Physical Fitness and Sports Month

1-31 National Preservation Month

1-31 National Shoes for Orphans Month

1-31 National Stroke Awareness Month

1-31 Older Americans Month (Senior Citizens Month)

1-31 Skin Cancer Awareness Month

1-31 Tuberous Sclerosis Awareness Month

1-31 Women's Health Care Month

1-31 Ultraviolet Awareness Month

1 May Day

1 Ascension Day

1 Law Day

1 Loyalty Day

1 World Athsma Day

1 National Anxiety Disorders Screening Day

3 National Day of Prayer

3 United Nations World Press Freedom Day

3 Kentucky Derby

4-10 Brain Tumor Action Week

4-10 Be Kind to Animals Week

5 Cinco de Mayo

8 World Red Cross Day

8 VE-Day Anniversary

10 World Lupus Day

11 Pentecost

11 Mother's Day

12-16 National Neuropathy Week

12 World Fair Trade Day

12 International CFS Awareness Day

12 National Women's Check-up Day

14-25 Cannes Film Festival

15 Peace Officer Memorial Day

18 HIV Vaccine Awareness Day

19-25 Recreation Water Illness Prevention Week

24 National Schizophrenia Awareness Day

26 Memori

How much time do you spend on research?

How much time do you spend on research?

It really depends on the type of novel, I think. I wrote a novella last year that required not an ounce of research because I set it in a non-existent country in a non-existent era. A month is not really a long time to research for a genre like historical fiction, but it's a fair amount of time to research for something like a murder mystery (unless you're extremely concerned with forensics, in which case you'll want to spend quite some time studying up on that) or a romance. If your novel is not really research-oriented (i.e. not historical fiction or about science or whatever), then you can probably take it as it comes.

For my part, I've been researching for four or five months off and on, but I'm writing a novel about artists taking place in Nazi I have a lot on my plate.

I have personally elected not to "just start writing & deal with research as it comes". The reason is hard to explain exactly, but it's sort of like this: In the process of making up my plot, I came up with a variety of character stories. My first character was going to have suffered polio as a child, my second was going to have worked in a factory in 1920s Germany after the death of his father, and my third was going to be a homosexual individual living in a hostile society. The entire story was going to be about government censorship and blacklisting. However, this term, I'm taking a class about Cold War American literature, and I made a peculiar discovery: every single one of the back stories seemed to be based on 50s America. I was following what my personal idea of "old-fashioned" was, and for some reason, that vision is the spitting image of Cold War America, probably courtesy of old movies and novels. I had completely failed to grasp the mindset of Nazi Germany. Thus, I elected to start from scratch. I'm now reading a book called Inside Nazi Germany and I tend to look at A Concise History of the Third Reich next. From there, I think I'll read about Kristallnacht specifically, although there's a lot of potential.

I know your eyes probably glazed over reading that, but my point is that you have to be careful of coming up with whole plots not based on your research, especially if the setting is radically different from where you live.

Vision issues.........?

Vision issues.........?

The reason for your worsened vision is some type of disease, but it might not be diabetes. Diabetes actually has several other much more pronounced symptoms (rapid weight loss; constant cramps in your muscles; extreme hunger, thirst and fatigue), so you would have most likely noticed if you are developing these.

It's good that you are getting a blood test, but you should rather see your eye doctor again. (It may also be that the most recent prescription given to you was wrong and your eyes have simply been struggling to compensate for that.)

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