Valentine's Day 2021 is on Sunday, February 14, 2021: Valentine's Day Ideas?


Sunday, February 14, 2021 is Valentine's Day 2021. Valentine's Day Soundtrack is the official soundtrack to the 2010 film Valentine's Day, released on February 9, 2010 via Big Machine Records.


Valentine's Day Soundtrack is the official soundtrack to the 2010 film Valentine's Day, released on February 9, 2010 via Big Machine Records.

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Happy Valentines Day!

"Valentine's Day" is the sixteenth episode of the second season of the American comedy television series The Office, and the show's twenty-second episode overall.

Valentine’s Day

Just what do flower shops, card shops and bistros share? They all adore Valentine's Day.

It's vague why the celebration of Saints Valentine of Rome and Valentine of Terri has come to be associated with overpriced blooms; the very first link between Saint Valentine and enchanting love was made by Chaucer in the 14th Century. Just what's specific is that we cannot consider the word 'Valentine' without conjuring photos of red roses, large cards with hearts on and candlelit tables set for 2.

The concern of how and even whether to commemorate Valentine's Day can end up being vexed. For couples who are significantly in love, every day is Valentine's Day. Why sully something gorgeous by indulging in a day that, for many, has been polluted by business?

Great deals of folks do celebrate, nevertheless, and if you're among them, you'll need to schedule a table months, possibly years ahead of time. Here's to love!

Valentine’s Day Ideas?

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas For A New Boyfriend: Sports Memorabilia. If your man is a Sports fan, he will surely appreciate a gift that represents his passion. A framed autographed picture of his favorite Yankee, Jet, or Ranger will certainly thrill the new boyfriend in your life.

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas For A New Boyfriend: Wristwatch. Not all men are fans of wearing jewelry, but most wear a wristwatch either daily or occasionally. A casual or dress watch is not only a very practical gift, it can be presented with a card that tells your man that you love spending "time" with him. This will adequate express your feelings in a thoughtful, but low key way.

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas For A New Boyfriend: "A Night In Gift Basket" With the current economy, more and more couples are opting for cozy and casual evenings at home instead of spending money on pricey restaurant meals and weekly trips to the movie theater. Assemble a gift basket with all the essentials needed for a romantic but economical evening at home. A bottle of wine, cheese and crackers, candles and a classic DVD as well as a new release will let your guy know that he doesn't need to spend his whole paycheck for you both to enjoy date night.

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas For A New Boyfriend: Coffee Table Book. Coffee table books are not only very entertaining and interesting to read, they also contain beautiful photographs. A coffee table book of a desired travel location, Sports team or favorite entertainer will let your new boyfriend know that you appreciate his likes and interests even if they differ from your own.

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas For A New Boyfriend: CD's. A stack of CD's by your guy's favorite artists or a few that you would like to introduce him to accompanied by a sweet and romantic card strikes the right balance between practical and sentimental and will surely be put to good use by your music loving boyfriend.

What’s a good Valentine’s Day theme?

What's a good Valentine's Day theme?

Valentine's Day for Kids

Valentine's Day is a special day for many people, but who appreciates it more than children who are unspoiled by the genuine exchange of candy and paper hearts? For this reason alone, planning a Valentine's Day party for children, whether at school, at home or at another location, is fun and entertainment in and of itself. We all remember the days of decorated shoeboxes and the feeling of anxiously anticipating the collection of those cards!

A kids' party can really take place just about anywhere - at home, the local pizza shop, school, the library (kids love books), a park (if you live in a warm climate), wherever the kids are comfortable.

Valentine's Day Invitations

Custom Valentine's Day InvitationThis can be a lot of fun. Have the hosting child or children make Valentine invitations using construction paper, stickers, glitter, doilies, lace, pipe cleaners or any other red, pink and white stuff that is bought or around the house.

You can tie balloons or an invitation to small stuffed animals and hand-deliver them to guests' houses. You can deliver chocolate kisses and hugs or conversation hearts in a goodie bag with an invitation tied to it. Have fun and be creative with it.

Or make your like easier and use a personalized Valentine's Day invitation from Creations For You!

Valentine's Day Kids Party Decorations

Products for this party can be found at Valentine’s Day Decorating411. There are loads of fabulous plush Valentine bears, puppies and other animals plus Valentine heart and red lip magnets, yo-yos, paddleball games and other small items that can be used as door prizes, favors and more!

Outside, leading up to your front door, place "Smile Face Heart Path Markers" so that all the kids know exactly where to go. Put a red balloon arch over your front door as an extra fun entryway (use red 11" or 14" latex balloons or Mylar hearts). Hang ribbons down from each balloon to make it more festive. If all of the kids don't know each other, write their names on a heart sticker as they arrive, and let them wear it all day.

Or give them some glitter heart glasses and they’ll start acting silly for sure.

Candy Hearts Paper GoodsUse heart tableware and a heart tablecloth to cover your table and keep with the theme. Also, there are plastic heart shaped lights, which can be hung just about anywhere. Candy can be used as the take home favors, put in decorative cups, and can be put at each place setting.

Use matching heart napkins and roll each so that you can wrap heart shaped beads around as a napkin ring. For a great centerpiece, set a plush animal in the center of the table with balloons tied off its hand or neck. Scatter heart-shaped erasers, foil heart-shaped chocolates or Valentine's confetti on the table top.

At each place, put a plastic or ceramic heart-covered Valentine mug for hot chocolate, pop or the drink of choice.

Throughout the room, fill the space with bouquets of Mylar lip and Mylar heart balloons. The kids can take these home when the party's over. What kid doesn't love balloons?

Valentine's Day Games

Decorating Contests:

Most kids are already familiar with a "Valentine's Day Card Exchange." This is when each child decorates a box/bag in which they can receive and carry Valentines to and from school, and either buys or creates Valentines to give to each member of their class. (Make sure children create a card for each member of the class, so no one feels left out.) Kids can get very creative with their decorations, using candy conversation hearts as well as everyday household items like tin foil, cotton balls and anything red that they can get their hands on (or you can buy an inexpensive craft kit for each with more than 50 items). Have a contest to see who can be the most creative with both their "Valentines Mailbox" and their Valentines. You can also bake plain heart shaped sugar cookies, which the children can decorate with frosting as well as red, white, and pink sprinkles, Red Hots and other festive red candy decorations!

Heart Ring Toss:

Play ring toss with heart ring toss game. You can make or buy one. If you plan to make one, go to the craft or art store and ask a salesperson to assist you with selecting the right materials. Basically, cut a large heart shaped figure. It can be as large as you wish, but 24-30 inches will do. Draw a face on it or decorate the heart with your choice of craft items or let the kids do it. Fasten arms or arrows to the back of the heart so that they are sticking out and make it tossing easy for the kids. Make toss rings out of pipe cleaners or rubber tubing and viola! You will need to make a stand for your heart or hang it on the wall. Let the kids win small prizes if they can toss three rings in a row (or even toss one ring on the target).

Valentine Hunt:

Hide small Valentine's Day inspired items all over the house/room for the kids to find. Divide the kids into teams, and g

Should Malaysia ban Valentine’s Day celebration?

Should Malaysia ban Valentine's Day celebration?

Valentine's Day been celebrated for decades locally.

Only recent years, it's been too commercialized.

I don't think Valentine's Day should be banned, just because of it's celebration of love (not necessary for couples but also for family, friends & etc).

Besides Saudi Arabia & Malaysia have (mostly) totally different style & government policies. You don't see Malaysian women covered up & only hanging out with female.

We're multiracial.

Even if Muslims don't celebrate it. Others non-Muslim do celebrate it as well. The Chinese even have their own "Chinese Valentine's Day, whereby they will throw tangerines into the sea/lake/river/longkang to connect to their other half".

While the "eligible bachelors" will try to fish for the tangerines often with message note of name & contact & etc. lah.

Besides most S.Arabians - arrange marriage. While Malaysians it's mostly Sendirian Berhad thing. Oh yeah the rate of divorce is increasing & the rate of marriage isn't improving. It's well known that many Chinese don't get married nowadays & thus the decrease of offsprings.

While more & more Indians are marrying late citing unable to find a compatible partner or work.

So Malaysia shouldn't & wouldn't be so radical as to ban such a simple loving day.

S.Arabia are Muslim country & gov. thus it's their right to implement such rules for their country & one have to respect it due to their beliefs.

Also on this date Sunday, February 14, 2021...