Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Day 2021 is on Sunday, February 14, 2021: ECG with short pr! (Medical dr needed for this!)?


Sunday, February 14, 2021 is Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Day 2021. Children's Heart Defects - Specialists Diagnose and Repair‎ Pediatric Heart Defects.

ECG with short pr!?????? (Medical dr needed for this!)?

Have you ever had anything traumatic happen to you before? A post-traumatic stress disorder is most like not what you are having since in that disorder the person tends to relive that traumatic event over and over. What you described here are pretty much signs of panic attacks. A short PR interval could just be because of your panic attacks. It's natural to feel dizzy, and nauseous when you are pregnant. And of course since you have miscarried, you will feel extra anxious. I really recommend you find something that will make you feel happy and relaxed. You have too much worry. Find something to do, like listen to your favorite music, do something interesting or even new, hang out with people that make you feel happy, or go talk to someone, maybe a talk therapy would be a good option.

Tightness in chest could be a result of a panic attack and people often confuse it with heart attack. If you had a heart attack, it would show on ECG right away, even angina would show up on ECG, which it didn't so you really shouldn't worry about stuff like that often.

Trust me, things like that could get very crazy, I am a medical student and everytime I learned something new I would think I have it, especially regarding heart, because I already have a small congenital defect. It used to worry me like crazy until I realized where the fear is coming from.

The doctor circled WPW because he is being extra cautious. BUT since you said you had panic attacks BOTH times you had an ECG done, then MOST likely explanation of a short PR interval is the panic attack. In themselves short PR intervals are not dangerous.

I can't stress it enought that you should really try to calm yourself down. As soon as you start having less panic attacks you will see that the quality of your life will get better! Next time you go in to get your ECG done, try to be as calm as possible. Do/read/listen to something that will calm you down, a joke, good music, a nice walk.

I hope this helps :)

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Litherland Town Hall Walk In Centre - MMR VACCINATIONS?

Litherland Town Hall Walk In Centre - MMR VACCINATIONS?

Your doctor acted responsibly in his efforts to provide your daughter with the best possible care. Reactions to vaccines happen, but they are minuscule next to the diseases they protect against.

The MMR vaccine is responsible for nearly completely eradicating congenital rubella syndrome which leads to heart defects, deafblindness, and mental retardation, if it doesn't just lead to fetal death outright. Had you yourself self caught rubella during pregnancy, because you were not vaccinated, that child inside of you would be at high risk of CRS.

The polio vaccine is why we don't see people with post polio syndrome deformed, sick, and suffering anymore. It's why our children aren't dying from polio.

The diphtheria vaccine is why children aren't dying in massive amounts from cardiomyopathy. Before the vaccine, sure as rain, at least 13,000 children a year died from it in the US alone.

Flu vaccination is the difference between your child being one of the 0 children to die from flu vaccination this year, or being one of the 341 children in the us to die from the flu this season. Do you understand how massive a number like 341 is? Imagine the outrage and uproar if someone shot a school with 13 classrooms of 25 children. That is how many died, JUST this season, from the -flu-. Where is your outrage over the lack of awareness about this? Where is your finger-pointing for this? You have none, because the government tried their damndest to make people realize that vaccination is critically important.

The hep b vaccine is why children in modern countries that are lucky enough to be vaccinated will have a much lower lifetime risk of liver failure and liver cancer, two genuinely horrific ways to die.

The pertussis vaccine is why you don't have to listen to your child struggle to breathe for weeks. Children who aren't lucky enough to get it sometimes just stop breathing because pertussis kills them. If you don't get vaccinated against this during the time your baby is too young to be vaccinated, you are the baby's most likely source of getting sick.

The meningitis vaccine prevents an easily transmittable illness that can snuff out a perfectly healthy child's life in less than a day. Or, if you're lucky enough to survive it, you might end up like the folks at

Before the rotavirus vaccine, 2.7 million children in the US each year suffered severe rotavirus. It's been mostly eradicated in modern countries, but children without access to the vaccine aren't so lucky: over 500,000 children die each year because they weren't vaccinated.

If you have a daughter, the HPV vaccine reduces her chances of ever being told the words "you have cancer" and being cut open, drugged with various toxins, or just dying because there's nothing they can do.

Shame on you. Grow up and realize that one bad experience you had is not warrant to subject your own child to potential torture or death in the process of making her a public health hazard.

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