World Reflexology Week on September, 2023: Any Destresser advice?

World Reflexology Week 2023. World Reflexology Week World Reflexology is an annual

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Any Destresser advice?

Have you tried meditation? You don't need much time, just a minute or two. Go to a quiet, dimly lit area in your home and close your eyes. Take deep breaths, inhaling positive energy and exhaling the negative. Try to clear your mind. I know it sound silly, but it works.

Or, archery. I've always felt better, more relaxed and at peace with the world after shoot the heck out of a piece of paper.

Better yet, look up reflexology online. It's acupressure. There are spots on your feet and hands that will trigger the release of certain chemicals in your brain.

And then, there's chocolate. Chocolate makes everyone feel better. If you can't have chocolate... I'm terribly sorry, it must be awful. (I love chocolate) Well, I'm out of advice on this one. Good Luck.

Is there "Professional Courtesy" among Quacks? Why don’t Witch Doctors Denounce Osteopaths?

Is there "Professional Courtesy" among Quacks? Why don't Witch Doctors Denounce Osteopaths?

Its a great question

If a reflexology and iridology agree for example why not combine the two. it can't take more than a week to learn either.

@Lightning: so he's a troll for challenging your doctrine is he. We know what evidence it would require for us to change our positions. You will never change yours whatever you learn.

@lightning. Hand the most precious thing in my world to an untrained person for medical treatment. Man I hope you don't have kids.

headaches and stress?

headaches and stress?

hey, well i suffer with stress headaches, and sometimes they last for days and days, i even wake up with them, you are obviously under extreme stress with everything, and yes you do need some quality "me" time.

Look at each of your stress factors, and try to rationally work through each of them, have the courage to change whats in your power to change, and the wisdom to know some things cant be changed.

Take each day as it comes, and cross bridges when you get to them.

Its very important you destress, and i think your break away will do you a world of good.

When we are parents, we seem to lose our identity and just become someones "mum" but you are still you, so just relax, unwind and go with the flow.

good luck with everything!!!

and try reflexology for the headaches, worked for me :) xx

Also on this date Friday, September 1, 2023...