World Hearing Aid Awareness Week on September, 2024: Do Doctors ask people over age 50 whether or not they are sexually active?

World Hearing Aid Awareness Week 2024.

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Do Doctors ask people over age 50 whether or not they are sexually active?


But note they want to visit the Planet Uranus, gotta keep that Colon clean-Men and Women alike.

I was just listening to an article on RED EYE(Fox News) last week. The reporters were discussing women over 50 visiting 2nd and 3rd world countries, doing the wild thing, without protection. That is insane.


If given the chance to part of one charity. . .?

If given the chance to part of one charity. . .?

I'm glad to hear when someone cares about the welfare of people they don't even know. People helping people is what makes the world go round. It really shows who the real heroes are in society. Aids is a world wide epidemic and anyone concerned for their future should be concerned about stopping Aids and the spreading and treatment of Aids. There are so many good causes to get involved in todays society. Research in medical advancements are a good cause to get involved indirectly through donations. I try to help people locally who need a helping hand. There was this family nearby who was struggling to keep food in the refrigerator for several children. On a couple of occasions I went out and purchased several bags of groceries and just dropped them off at their house so the children could have a decent meal. Seeing the happiness on their faces was a great delight. I know it wasn't much but it did help them manage for another week or two. Everything everyone does all adds up and if we keep just helping out whenever we can the world will be a better place to live. I like "Feed the Children" charity. Feed The Children is a Christian, international relief organization that delivers food, medicine, clothing and other necessities to individuals, children and families who lack these essentials due to famine, war, poverty or natural disaster. Since 1979, they have grown into one of the world's largest private organizations dedicated to helping hungry and hurting people and have reached children and families in 118 countries around the globe. Through schools, orphanages and church-related programs, they touch the lives of millions of children. A key goal is to help needy families move past needing help and become self-sufficient members of their community. Through long-term development programs, thousands of families worldwide have increased their ability to be self-sufficient.

I need a topic for my speech....?

I need a topic for my speech....?

well it all depends on what you are into.

such as


AIDS education/awareness

air bags

air pollution





campus reorganization

campus safety

capital punishment


child abuse



computer crimes

computer literacy

creationism in the classroom

date rape

declining test scores


drinking age

drug testing for employment

drug laws

drunk driving

electoral college



fad diet

gay rights

gender discrimination

graduation requirements (changes in)

gun control

handicap discrimination

hazardous waste disposal



illegal aliens

images (body images/focus of


Keg laws

legalize prostitution

legalized gambling

liberal arts education


medical malpractice

national health care

organ transplants/donation

political action committees


President Bill Clinton

racial discrimination

record labeling


responsible drinking/behaviors

save the whales

save the seals

school violence

seat belts


sexual harassment

sexual-orientation discrimination

speed limits


stress management

surrogate motherhood

teacher education

teen pregnancy

the American economy

time management

videotaped trials

world hunger

stem cell research

these are a few of speechs that I have heard in my past year and these are some that have been on a list that my teacher has given me...

Also on this date Sunday, September 1, 2024...