International Enthusiasm Week on September, 2024: I want to intern or study abroad, what programs can you recomend?

International Enthusiasm Week 2024. dog-frisbee-150x150.jpg International Enthusiasm Week

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I want to intern or study abroad, what programs can you recomend?

If you want to study abroad, I really recommend looking into the United World College movement. It's a group of 13 international high schools which use education as a way to bring young people together for peace and a sustainable future. Most people are on scholarship, creating a very special environment. At any given time, there are people there from 50 different countries. It's a two-year program, so people are there for their junior and senior years. Most Americans go after their junior year, which means they attend an extra year of high school. It's definitely worth it, though.

The daughter of one of my friends went to the school in the United Kingdom, and she loved it. She met people from all over the world, and has never failed in her enthusiasm for the program. She has made lifelong friends, and has made a commitment to being a force for change in our world. She's currently taking a year off from college to do service work in Uganda.

She has mentioned that her time at UWC were the two most difficult years of her life so far, but they have also been among the most amazing for her, as well. She has gained so much confidence and an understanding of what it means to be an American in our very globalized world.

The American national committee is the group in charge of selecting Americans to study at these school. Fifty Americans are chosen every year, which 25 going to the campus in New Mexico, eight going to the UK, and the rest are divided evenly amongst the rest. You're offered a full scholarship, including room and board. It's quite a competitive process to be selected. You must go in for an interview and the application is very similar to that of the CommonApp. The full scholarship is worth the effort, though.

You can go to these links for more info. Good luck!!:

Main UWC Page:

American National Committee:

Insightful Story from UWC Atlantic student:

is there something i can do about this?

is there something i can do about this?

You have great enthusiasm. Get tickets early. Just go. Teens in America go crazy over some tv and musical stars too.

Is there anything fun to do around Palm Coast Florida? Or any beautiful places to visit?

Is there anything fun to do around Palm Coast Florida? Or any beautiful places to visit?

Daytona International Speedway - (avoid next week because of the Pepsi 400 on the 7th-they have activities all week leading up to the race)

DAYTONA USA is a one-of-kind interactive motorsports attraction, which features a variety of hands-on activities featuring both advanced technology and historical elements. The Official Attraction of NASCAR is a high-energy experience designed to appeal to everyone, regardless of their level of racing knowledge or enthusiasm.

Astronaut Hall of Fame -

Come live the human side of space like you never imagined you could - complete with the sights, sounds and experiences of the real astronauts who first ventured into the frontiers of space. Explore the world's largest collection of astronaut artifacts and see remarkable displays, exhibits and tributes dedicated to the heroes of Mercury, Gemini and Apollo.

Kennedy Space Center -

The Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex provides an exhilarating and educational experience of the space program. Whether touring the Rocket Garden, or boarding a full-scale replica of the Space Shuttle Explorer, visitors are guaranteed to gain a new perspective on the incredible feats accomplished by the space program.

You will also be a little over a hour away from Disney, Universal, & Seaworld in Orlando. Just hop on I-4 and head south ;)

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