Line Dance Week on September, 2024: Is Line Dancing sinful?

Line Dance Week 2024. Recovery to Practice Initiative 10:10 Line Dance for Wellness 10:10 Line Dance for Wellness

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Is Line Dancing sinful?

Only when it's done by British people in a community centre, it definatley is sunful then! I think it's hilarious when you see rows and rows of English People in Cowboy gear moving their legs about and nothing else.(Hands stiffly on their hips)

It's not dancing, it's walking about to music. I joined in a line dancing group at a disco, it had taken them weeks to learn it and I just fell in step with them, not having done it before. They thought I was a teacher of some kind.

I am, but I tap-dance. Gene Kelly, Ginger Rogers, Fred Astaire, Shirly Temple, Judy Garland, Liza Minelli....

All famous.

Name a famous Star Line Dancer?

PS. I'm English, hence my encounter at the disco.

I Need To Learn How TO Dance In 1 Week!!!!!?

I Need To Learn How TO Dance In 1 Week!!!!!?

ok.. you might want to search up dance on youtube..

also what type of dancing are you doing..??

if your doing ballroom or waltz.. (square dance)..

start with your hands on her hips.. make sure shes facing you.

one hand should be on her hips and another should be holding her hand..

her hand should be on your shoulder and the other 1 holding ur hand..

Guys lead in this dance so make sure you start .. dont keep on looking down .. u have to keep practising it with anyone.. so it comes naturally..

once your holding her into position.. u kinda wanna make the shape of a box.. so move to the right in a graceful stroke.. next move down and then to the left and back up again..

sorry if im confusing you.. lol!!

if you really want to impress her... you can join a couple of ballroom classes.. i know it sounds cheesy.. but that way you wnt embarrass her or yourself!!

Hope this helped!

= ]

In the vintage Swing line dance the Shim Sham, why does it begin on count 8?

In the vintage Swing line dance the Shim Sham, why does it begin on count 8?

Before it was a swing line dance, it was (and still is) a tap dance that was formalized by Willie Bryant and Leonard Reed in the 1920s (although the dance went back to the early days of vaudeville).

So the better question is why does tap dancing start on 8?

Specially, this relates to the tap "timestep" which traditionally starts on 8.

The theory goes that in order to get the "hop" of a time step to land on 1, the down beat, they would start the pattern on 8.

Anyway, I hope that helps!

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