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Montana 1948 book details

Montana 1948 is a 1993 novel by Larry Watson. The novel focuses on the life of young Montanan David Hayden, his family and the fictional town of Bentrock, Montana. The book was awarded the Milkweed National Fiction Prize. The book focuses on the struggles of a family torn between loyalty and justice.


The story follows the Hayden family and their struggle with loyalty, justice, identity and family. Family members include: the narrator - 12 year old David, his father and town sheriff Wes, David's mother Gail, his uncle Frank, grandfather and predecessor as sheriff Len and the housekeeper Marie Little Soldier. When David's family's Native American housekeeper Marie falls ill, Frank Hayden, the local doctor is called. When Marie refuses medical treatment, David's parents, Gail and Wes, discover that Frank has been preying on the local native American women, raping and molesting them. Wes confronts Frank at a dinner at their father's house. Wes and Gail reach a compromise. When Marie is found dead, Frank convinces the family it is a result of the illness, however David proves (with many reservations) that Frank had murdered her, in order to silence her. Marie's parents choose to have her buried in North Dakota. The family faces much turmoil as Wes attempts to remain loyal to justice and family, but his inability to make a choice leaves him to imprison his brother in the basement. At this stage, David's grandfather intervenes, showing his clear favour for Frank over Wes. He sends men to break Frank out of his jail, however Gail fights to stop them, leaving her deeply traumatized by the experience. That night, the family hear the sound breaking glass in the basement, but pass it off as caused by the anger of Frank. Next morning, Wes finds Frank dead in the basement, having committed suicide. The family choose to cover up the suicide, in an attempt to save Frank's reputation, however David's grandfather does not forgive Wes, and so Wes, David and Gail are ostracized from the Montana township. They move to Fargo, North Dakota where Wes takes a job as a lawyer.


The Milkweed National Fiction Prize

The Mountains & Plains Bookseller Association Regional Book Award

Named one of the Best Books of 1993 by both Library Journal and Booklist

The International Raymond Association's Young Readers Award

Can someone describe the job of an executive administrative assistant?

Can someone describe the job of an executive administrative assistant?

I've worked as an executive administrative assistant for two large corporations.

I do not have any education beyond a high school diploma. I managed to get my foot in the door, and then I just moved up over time. I know of several community colleges that offer one and two year programs. I am not sure what particular courses they require.

In my experience, the most important qualification to have is a strong set of skills using the Microsoft Office software programs. Microsoft Word, Excel and Power Point are the most frequently used. A fast typing rate is important too.

You should also have excellent composition, grammar and spelling. Admin's draft a lot of correspondence.

Your manners and telephone etiquette needs to be top notch. You will speak to many people who are important to your executive, and your company. You should sound professional at all times. I have seen more than one entry level clerical worker let go because they just could not fit in.

Business executives are educated and you must not come across as a "silly girl" for lack of a better expression.

As an admin, I quickly discovered there is no such thing as a typical day. Your job is to keep your boss's day flowing along, and to make their life a bit easier. I worked for a man who had me do everything from go pick out some new ties for him to interviewing housekeepers. I also worked for a female vice president who never asked me to do anything that wasn't strictly related to department work.

The most common tasks Are pretty standard. Type documents, create presentations, answer the phone, manage your bosses calendar, make travel arrangements, plan conferences and meetings, make copies, send faxes, open, sort and distribute mail and greet visitors to your boss's suite or office.

It is a great career for a single mom. I was a single mom for part of the time I did it. The schedule is predictable, and you have evenings, weekends and holidays off. It is also not usually a problem to take a long lunch or leave early once in awhile for an event at school, or to pick up a sick kid.

The pay can range from as low as $25,000 to as high as $85,000 a year. One expense to think about is the cost of clothing. You are representing your boss and your company, and it isn't cheap to dress the part.

I haven't worked for a few years now. I got married, and I got my dream job of stay at home mom. I will probably not return to that type of work. I am good at the work, but I just don't enjoy it. An office environment is a quiet place to be, and most of your day is spent sitting at a desk. I would like to find something a bit more active when I return to the working world.

One final thing. I recommend joining the International Association of Administrative Professionals as a student member. When you gain enough experience to be a full member, it is a great thing to include on your resume.

Sorry this was so long. I hope this information was helpful to you.

Oh, I almost forgot to answer your question about industries. It could be any type of business. I worked at the corporate offices of a major chain of retail appliance and electronics stores. The other company I was employed at was the world headquarters for the worlds largest chain of pizza stores.

how to secure a visa for a hondurano?

how to secure a visa for a hondurano?

There is NOTHING you can do to go about getting a tourist visa for him. He must apply himself. He needs to start on the page below and have an interview at the American embassy in Honduras. The most important thing that the visa officer will look for is that he has proof of compelling reason to return to his home when he is supposed to. This means own a home or business or have a large amount of money in the bank. I doubt that he can meet this requirement. As a young, male from a very poor country, and I presume, from a poor family, he will not be able to show compelling reasons to return to his home. He will be considered a very high risk of violating his visa and staying in the U.S. sorry, but this is true. About 50% of tourist visas for the U.S. are denied, and he surely will be. Poor people do not get visas. You can write a letter stating he will stay with you and you will cover his expenses while he is in the states...but, truthfully, it will not help. Visa officers do not even read these letters. As to him attending a vocational school or university in the U.S. ....He must apply to the school and be accepted. then, usually, the school has an international students office that will help him apply for a student visa. he MUST have sufficient funds ( documented0 on hand to pay the tuition and his living expenses in order to get the visa...and he must renew it yearly. He can work up to 20 hours a week on campus only while in school. If he ceases to attend school, he must leave immediately. If he graduates, he must leave within 30 days. If there is a university or school he wants to go to and can get accepted at , you could talk to the international Students office about how you can be responsible for his tuition...I am sure there are situations where this is done, The gov't must be positive all his expenses will be covered or he will not get the student visa. These rules have not changed in a long time and are not going to. The problem of people coming here on a tourist visa or a student visa, then violating their visa and disappearing into the millions of illegal immigrants is far to common, so the gov't does what it can to prevent this. Of course, he would need to speak fluent English to attend school in the U.S. Both getting a tourist visa and getting a student visa are extremely difficult. Many people have similar situations and have friends with young people in the family other countries...and want to help them come to the U.S. It is nearly impossible,

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