Substitute Teacher Appreciation Week on September, 2024: Oh, no, I have daddy

Substitute Teacher Appreciation Week 2024.

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Oh, no, I have daddy

I have these too from when my father died 7 years ago. I am constantly searching for male affirmation and I can't help it, I just need to feel appreciated. If I don't get it from one guy it's like a kick in the stomach and like a flash I'm trying to get it from somebody else, sometimes in the space of a week or less.

I know how this can be cured, although I have to say I actually quite enjoy my vacillation so I've never attempted it. Either you find someone you can depend on to fill that role (a close male friend who you can see as a brother????) or you get your appreciation from somewhere else and let that fill the hole. I had a boyfriend for a year and I found that helped sooooo much, although when we broke up it went a little crazy. You can otherwise fill the gap with hobbies, spirituality/religion (God is a father figure so I find that my religion is a huge comfort) etc.

big decisions?

big decisions?

Oh girl! You're are overthinking it! if u are scared of not getting hired then you are completely lost! If there is any job security after college graduation it is me U WILL find a job!!!!!! I found a job before i even graduated!!!!!! U WILL FIND A JOB!!!

teaching is very can be the most fulfilling profession in the world but it comes with a one is an awesome teacher their first one!!! maybe not even your second or third...but if ur heart is in the right place and you attend relevant trainings u will become a great teacher! trust me!

and plus you will learn the basics in college which will help u survive the first year with much hope that u will get better if u try! only within time..u have to understand that there is no substitute for experience!!!!!!

Does He Like Me. ? { Please Give Me Detailed Answers & I’d Like Some Guy Answers }.?

Does He Like Me. ? { Please Give Me Detailed Answers & I'd Like Some Guy Answers }.?

I think he does like you. Those are good signs.

Also on this date Sunday, September 1, 2024...