Deaf Awareness Week on September, 2024: Can someone give me the history of special education in the philippines?

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Can someone give me the history of special education in the philippines?

When the School for the Deaf and Blind was established in 1907, thus was the birth of Special Education (or SPED) in the Philippines.

Then, in 1976, the Philippine Association for the Deaf (PAD) spearheaded the Hearing Conservation Week which was born through the Presidential Proclamation 1587, duly signed by then President Ferdinand E. Marcos.

Activities for the Hearing Conservation Week were used to be taken care of by a sole committee but during the early 80’s, Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and other schools for the deaf were invited. It was also during this time that the celebration of the Hearing Conservation Week, initially the third week of October, be celebrated the third week of November.

In 1991, this time initiated by the Philippine School for the Deaf (PSD) and the Philippine Institute for the Deaf (PID), then President Corazon C. Aquino signed Presidential Proclamation 829 declaring November 10-16 as Deaf Awareness Week (DAW). As stated in the proclamation it is in recognition of the deaf as a vital segment of society which can be transformed into a significant force in the efforts for national development and the need to focus public awareness on deafness, its prevention and rehabilitation.

If a baby’s born deaf, blind, insensate and incapable of taste or smell

If a baby's born deaf, blind, insensate and incapable of taste or smell, can any sort of awareness develop?

A babys brain is not fully developed at birth, and connection from the outside world is needed to guide the brain so it develops correctly. As an example, kittens who's eyes has been shut for the first weeks of life they're supposed to have them open never develops a vision system, and the same would be true for humans. The neurons need guidance in order to grow and connect properly, and if the brain is deprived from this guidance, it will not develop correctly.

So if a baby would be deprived of all outside stimuli, it is doubtful that it's brain would be capable of awareness in any meaningful sense. The frontal lobe is highly undeveloped at birth, which is why all a baby does the first months is eat and sleep. It's brain is not yet capable of doing any meaninful thinking and if no stimuli of any kind is provided it is likely it would stay that way. Also, hearing other people speaking before the age of 7 is necessary for developing a language, and language is considered necessary for more abstract thinking. Even if the conditions causing one or more of these sensory deprivations could be reversed later on, the babys senses would never develop normal (depending on how late they were reversed), and would certainly be viewed as retarted.

On a side note, this type of full sensory deprivation has been used as a kind of torture in some countries. For a shorter time it's supposed to be peaceful, but prolonged sensory deprivation leads to hallucination and madness. The brain uses outside stimuli to orient itself in time and space, and if those stimuli is suddenly gone the brain eventually start making things up to cover up their absence. Our brains are made to make the best possible picture of reality based on all the inputs, and if some inputs are missing it just fills in the blanks the best it can. So if all inputs are missing it has to make everything up, and obviously the results will be far from reality.

Have you ever done an oral presentation?

Have you ever done an oral presentation?

Well, usually its called public speaking, but I know where your coming from (just saying a lot of people were making sex jokes out of your question). To answer your question yes I have, I did a public speaking class in H.S and a lot of them in highschool, middle school, and now college. I also do a lot of acting, so if your worried don't be.

I think the deaf awareness is a great subject :-) You could def look at Wikipedia, on the subject or do some u tube short films on the subject..there is lot to say. You could do something about Beethoven and how he got gradually deaf into his later years of his music composition. You could touch on hearing aids.

Than you could touch on ones life is about being deaf, walking around, being taunted sometimes because no one can hear them. ....

I would definable look at deaf awareness week.

---There is also sign laugange you could touch upon and how one that is deaf speaks.

Also on this date Sunday, September 1, 2024...