National Singles Week on September, 2024: Life for Air National Guard memeber?

National Singles Week 2024. Happy National Singles Week! Celebrate By Learning How You're ... Happy National Singles Week!

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Life for Air National Guard memeber?

Life in the Air or Army National Guard is the same in a way.

You do your weekend drills, and two weeks in the year.

If you get laid off , by law you are to report income from the national guard.

You cant live on base due to shortages

If you go overseas you get all the benefits of being active duty.

However, if you get laid off and your unit or state is willing to work with you they can put you on what is called ADSW (active duty special work) orders. The orders can go for a month to a year or they can keep renewing the orders every month. You can also apply for AGR active guard reserve job.

Army reserve or national guard?

Army reserve or national guard?

Join the Reserves, they are Federally funded and not State funded. A lot more money and benefits. That and you actually get to go places on your 2 weeks training when you are in the Reserves as opposed to the National Guard that gets sent to the same crappy National Guard training site mud hole every year because they don't have the money to send them active duty training bases outside the state or the U.S.

For example, when I was in the Florida National Guard, we got send to Camp Blanding every single year I was in the Guard for my two week training. It was an armpit of a training base that you couldn't do any real training on so we just sat in the crappy barracks for two weeks doing nothing.

While I was in the Reserves we got sent to Puerto Rico, Germany, Honduras, Panama, Ft Hood, Ft Bragg, etc for our two weeks training. And it was easier to get training classes and schools in the Reserves like WLC, Airborne, BNCOC, ANCOC, etc while in the National Guard, there are E7 with 20 years still waiting on BNCOC. In the Reserves I got to go to Combatives School, while in the National Guard, the son and cousin of some National Guard Colonel got sent to Airborne and Combatives school and they were in an Admin MOS and not a Combat Arms MOS!

The National Guard is just qualified to hand out bottle water in natural disasters judging by their leadership and performance when I was in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Did you know that this is National Singles Week...(cont’d)?

Did you know that this is National Singles Week...(cont'd)?

I did not know that. Thank you.

And, yes.

Also on this date Sunday, September 1, 2024...