Play Days on September, 2024: Can i play Kingdom Hearts 3582 days before Chain of Memories?

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Can i play Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days before Chain of Memories?

Hey, hope I can help you :)

You can play either one you wish first sice this wont affect your understanding of the story. Days helps explain the character Roxas and the organization XIII more in depth since we get the insiders' view so it will let you understand some aspects in kingdom hearts II and chain of memories but it's not like you'll be lost without it. I do recommend playing it before KHBBS and Kh3d since they have some connections.

since you said you want to play all the other games too then I'll tell you the chronological order.

The chronological other:

-Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep(10 years before Kingdom hearts,psp)

-Kingdom Hearts(ps2, 10 years after Birth by sleep)

-Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days(this is before chain of memories but the story itself ends after chain of memories has begun,so in a way is a mixed timeline, like you get to see whats been going on with these other characters while chain of memories plot had began and before it had began,DS)

-Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories(after that scene in KH1 when they follow pluto,ps2remake and gameboy advanced as original)

-Kingdom Hearts II(A year after chain of memories' events,ps2)


Kingdom Hearts Coded(immediately after kh2,a virtual version of sora is created to enter the data of Jiminy Cricket, to piece together and decode secrete messages,DS)

-Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance(Immediately after coded and more of a sequel to KH2, this game sets up the entire roots of KH3,3DS)

I didn't play coded but it's not of vital importance to the story. Some people skip kh:dream drop distance but they should not because then they'll be completely lost in KHIII when it comes out, this game is of vital importance,same goes for Birth by sleep.

There are also different versions of Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2, these are called Final mix versions. The final mix version contain more cutscenes,battles,weapons and more, however they aren't necessary to understand the story. The final mix versions where only released in Japan,lucky for us that we're soon getting them too, you'll see with the explanation bellow.

There is gonna be an HD remaster collection of the games for ps3, note that the collection will only contain the tittles before Kingdom Hearts II(except birth by sleep), it will only contain those because it is the firs remaster edition called "Kingdom Hearts 1.5". A recent interview with Nomura has nearly confirmed a second remaster volume with will surely contain the remaining tittles before Kingdom Hearts III.

**Important note** The games that will be in the 1.5 remaster will be : Kingdom Hearts Final mix,Re:Chain of memories(the remake one) and Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days, but 358/2 days will not be playable it will only be a collection of all the scenes in full hd remaster. The HD remaster was already confirmed to be released outside of Japan, however it has no release date.

On a side note: Kingdom Hearts III is still not in development, they only have the base of the story and they have only told us that it will be the end of a certain saga(i dont want to spoil) but not the end of the games.The KH game development team is currently busy with other projects that have on going for years now,yes years O_O but Kingdom hearts III was recently mentioned and it is planned to be out on the ps4.

You still have time to catch up with the story,there's always time actually. So hope this helps and enjoy Kingdom Hearts :D

Does anyone still play WWE Day of Reckoning 2?

Does anyone still play WWE Day of Reckoning 2?

Yeah sometimes i play Day of Reckoning 2, but that's only on a raining day or when i'm really bored, because there always better games i be playing, like Bio Shock and Half Life 2, then i love to play Metal Gear Soild 4 then GTA 4, so what i am saying is i agree SVR 08 was boring, but like i aready said before i spend my time playing the other games, more then Day of Reckoning 2

Playing tennis for three days?

Playing tennis for three days?

***Can an average person play okay in tennis for 3 days? I been playing tennis for 3 days maybe about 4 hours total in 3 days and I have been doing really good. I don't hit the ball out of the fence anymore and I was actually hitting back and for with my friends. A guy even said I might have a natural talent. I'm 17 by the way***

If you have a strong teacher, yes, you could learn a lot in three days. You aren't going to win an open-level tournament, but you can learn a lot in a short time. One's improvement would most likely be the fastest when a player is first learning the game. The tough part comes when you want to improve after you've already reached 4.5 or 5.0 on the NTRP system [USA].

My advice is to find a good teacher to help you learn what's good and what isn't. Trying to learn everything by yourself will be tough. If you are looking for a teacher, here are links to three American-based tennis-teaching organizations:

If you live in the USA, you should be able to find an instructor near you in one of the three web sites above.

Sportsmanship might not be #1, but it's way ahead of whatever is in second place.

Therefore, learn The Code, in addition to the official ITF Rules of Tennis.

<-- go to "NOVELTIES," then click on "Books."

All the best, hope you have some fun along the way :-)

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