Constitution Week on September, 2024: What is the constitution?

Constitution Week 2024.

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What is the constitution?

Since it's Constitution Week, I'm assuming this is for an assignment?

The Constitution is a document that states how the United States government is organized.

Will you be celebrating "Constitution Week"?

Will you be celebrating "Constitution Week"?

Remember , separate the democrats from the liberals

’Old Ironsides’; the USS Constitution?

'Old Ironsides'; the USS Constitution?

USS Constitution was not the first ship built for the US Navy, but she is the oldest ship in commission. She earned her name in battle with a British frigate, when the enemy shot merely bounced off her hull, as if she were made of iron.

BTW. A friend of mine did his two week annual training onboard USS Constitution last year and she is still afloat. She got underway just a few years ago.

Also on this date Sunday, September 1, 2024...