World Lumberjack Championships on July, 2024: How did your husband propose to you?!?!?

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How did your husband propose to you?!?!?

It was nearing midnight, Christmas Eve. We'd been to his Dad's house earlier that evening to celebrate with him and had decided we'd exchange our gifts to each other when we got home.

We'd agreed not to go overboard on the expense with each other that year. I'd bought 3 little things I knew he'd wanted. When he'd asked me what I wanted that year, all I wanted was a really warm pair of gloves.

There we sat, on the couch in the little apartment we shared with something like the world lumberjack championships on ESPN playing in the background - something completely random that we'd never watch in a million years, and we're opening presents. I asked him to open his first, he did and liked everything I'd got him.

He turned to me and said he'd only gotten me 1 gift, and felt bad. I was OK with it - no biggie. When I opened the box and saw that they were really warm gloves, I was so happy! He suggested I try them on, so I grabbed the right hand glove and tried it..."Yep it fits just right, babe, thanks". He said, "Don't you think you should try the other?" I said in a sing-song voice like I was talking to a kid, "Now honey...if the right one fits...don't you think the left will too?" He got all exasperated and said, "Oh will you just try it on?!?". As I grabbed the left glove I was able to see down in the inside of it and spied the box the ring was in.

When I opened it up, he leaned over and touched his shoulder to mine and said.."L.B., will you do me the honor of marrying me?"..and I replied, "You know I will"....

What if this turned out to be the match card for WrestleMania 28?...(Unrealistic)?

What if this turned out to be the match card for WrestleMania 28?...(Unrealistic)?

AMAZING card. 9.5/10, only because it bothers me that Rock vs Cena is for the championship.

If you could choose any wrestler in the world?

If you could choose any wrestler in the world?


5- Randy Orton

4- Shawn Micheals

3- Triple H

2- Edge (He still counts in my heart!!!!)

1- JOHN CENA!!!! He is my number 1 guy EVER!!! (Edge too!) He has such an amazing story, if you read bio books about him. My brother bought one and I read it 'cause I was bored. (Not a big Cena fan a few years ago as you can tell...) BUT I LOVE HIM NOW!!!!!!


5- Triple H vs. HBK vs. The Undertaker. Extereme Rules, TLC. For WWE Championship. Triple Threat. Shawn came out of retirement (for the 1,000,000th time) and had an affair with Triple H. (The Undertaker got into it by the RAW GM.) (You noticed that Micheal Cole has it on his iPad, so he could be typing away while matches are going on, then send them to himself.)

4- John Cena vs. John Morrison (This match contains smarts of Cena and athleticism of JoMo. Street match!!)

3- Cm Punk with 2 others (of whoever CM Punk is feuding with at that time period's choosing) vs. ALL New Nexus. (Steel Cage.)

2- Wade Barrett vs. Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel. (Handicap, as you can see.) This is a lumberjack match. Heath and Slater get to choose 8, and Barett gets to pick 8.

1- The Rock vs. Shawn Micheals. For a shot at World Heavyweight Championship at SummerSlam. (Currently held by Christian.)

Also on this date Monday, July 1, 2024...