World Future 2014 on July, 2024: T20 World Cup 2014 Schedule?

World Future 2014 2024. European Green Capital 20.01.13 World Future

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T20 World Cup 2014 Schedule?

T20 World Cup 2014 schedule has been declared by the ICC which will start on Mar 16, 2014 in Bangladesh and the last match of T20 World Cup 2014 will be held on Apr 6, 2014. After continuous discussion about Twenty20 World Cup Time Table, team managements has discussed with the ICC to ensure a fair T20 2014 schedule in order to avoid fatigue. The Future Cricket Tour Programs (FTP) plays a vital roll and is the operational body in making the World Twenty20 fixtures for the World Cup this year.

is it possible to have more seats in the future fifa world cups 2014..2018 .. or later????

is it possible to have more seats in the future fifa world cups 2014..2018 .. or later????

FIFA evaluates this every World Cup. You may have noticed that in recent WC's, Africa has received more seats due to the success of teams like Cameroon in 1990. As the teams that make it in continue to show success, FIFA adjust the seats. Unfortunately, Europe and S. America have the most success and teams from Asia and Oceania have rarely done anything (take S. Korea's referee aided success at WC 2002 away).

Kanye West World Tour (2013-2014)?

Kanye West World Tour (2013-2014)?

Warning: the next information that will be said is based on true facts and is confirmed a prediction in near future.

Kanye West will die during a world tour when his airplane will get crushed on August 8th, 2013.

Rest in peace Kanye West.

Also on this date Monday, July 1, 2024...
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