Garlic Days on July, 2024: Is eating an entire head of garlic a day too much?

Garlic Days 2024. Making Garlic Powder Making Garlic Powder

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Is eating an entire head of garlic a day too much?

Eating garlic daily is a good habit.

Because it makes your body blood active and maintains pressure of your blood and also very good for decreasing cholesterol level in your body so ultimately good for preventing heart diseases...

Benefits of Garlic:-

Reduction of risk factors for cardiovascular disease and cancer

• A stimulation of immune function

• Enhanced foreign compound detoxification

• Radio protection

• Restoration of physical strength


The appropriate amount of garlic to consume is yet to

be determined. The German Commission E monograph

(1998) proposed a daily intake of ~1-2 cloves of garlic

or ~4 g of intact garlic per day for maximal health

benefits. However, there was no scientific evidence

to back this recommendation.

So my dear friend you can continue what you are taking it is very very good for you.........

What would happen if i ate a head of garlic every day?

What would happen if i ate a head of garlic every day?

They say garlic is good for health for many reasons (lowering cholesterol, boosting the immune system, etc.), but be warned: People who eat garlic smell of garlic, and if you were to eat a whole head of garlic every day you'd positively REEK of garlic -- and that would put a lot of people off. There is an alternative: The health food stores sell capsulated enteric-coated garlic capsules, which (allegedly) give you all the benefits of garlic without the resultant smell of garlic oozing out of your pores.

can i eat raw garlic every day ? what the benefits ?

can i eat raw garlic every day ? what the benefits ?

Mary, the active molecule present in garlic is allicyn, it improves circulation, you can eat garlic each day, May I give you a lifesaver easy recepie with garlic:

1 quart of olive oil

1 complete garlic bud

put in blender, mix to liquefy, transfer in a container for 3 days, filter trough cheesecloth.

This oil will contain alicyn and flavour.

Youll love it in all dishes.

excellent liver cleaner as well.

I have it every day, try seafoods, spaghetti, fish, beef, salads, name it !

Sometimes i even pay myself a garlic oil mouse !!

Also on this date Monday, July 1, 2024...
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