Comic Con International on July, 2024: international comic con?

Comic Con International 2024.

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international comic con?

Last year Comic-Con resold returned Memberships on Ebay and they said they will be doing something similar to that this year. I would recommend you start checking the Comic-Con website May/June for a link to their official Ebay site and then check that Ebay site daily since they seem to post Memberships randomly. Once you do see some Memberships posted do not hesitate at all, buy them immediately. I know last year there was even a big batch of Memberships posted the Mon\Tue right before Comic-Con.

Note: Be sure to use the link from the Comic-Con website and do not just search Ebay for Memberships because you may get individuals trying to resell their Memberships even though the Memberships are non-transferable.


how do i sign up for comic con?

how do i sign up for comic con?

Registration for San Diego Comic Con International is available here:

It costs $75 if you are 18 and over, and $35 if you are between 12 and 17 years of age. The event takes place at the San Diego Convention Center in downtown San Diego.

Costume-wise it is important to wield your costume-weapon replica responsilibly. This is stated clearly on their FAQ page. I doubt a Tusken Raider will be a problem. There have been Tusken Raiders at Comic Con before.

What panels are there going to be at Comic Con International 2013?

What panels are there going to be at Comic Con International 2013?

The schedule for the San Diego Comic Con usually comes out about two weeks before the con. Unfortunately tickets are sold out before that happens. You could try emailing people from panels that you are interested in, to see if they will be presenting at the cons.

I'm guessing that the schedule for the Portland con will be similar and be available about two weeks before the con. Although, I doubt tickets will sell out before the con.

If you live near Portland or if this is your first year attending a comic con, I would suggest just going to the Portland one. It's likely to take less planning on your part and give you more experience should you ever go to the San Diego Comic Con.

Wondercon is in Anaheim again this year (end of March), but there is talk of another one in San Francisco in the Fall. There is also the Stan Lee Comikazee Expo (early November), in Los Angeles.

Also on this date Monday, July 1, 2024...