National Zoo Keeper Week on July, 2024: The republicans really are getting bad aren't they?

National Zoo Keeper Week 2024. The Lower 48 (Plus 2): National Zoo Keeper Week; Lions and Tigers ... National Zoo Keeper Week

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The republicans really are getting bad aren’t they?

the nerve. that anybody would ever disagree with this failed administration. we have a dead ambassador and 3 brave americans, which they knew about in 2 hours and continued to lie about for 2 weeks. we have a dead border agent due to the failed fast and furious program, and then an executive cover up to protect ?. and we have a president who has absolutely no idea what he is doing, and just wants to spend money we do not have, of course he was able to increase food stamps significantly. and the middle class received the largest tax increase - ever - from the man who said he would not raise taxes on the middle class by one dime via the obama middle class health bill,which may i remind you, nobody read, including obama. 70% of the taxes in this bill are for the middle class. shocker - but of course obama knew that. . no job of course, but obama continues to promote government dependency. and the 3 million green jobs he claims, are just new job titles for bus driver, store clerks and zoo keepers. no new jobs, just new titles. and of course the 16 trillion in debt, growing daily. and you blame the republicans. LOL

but you just keep telling yourself things are getting better.

Things to do with a 12 year old boy in Arkansas?

Things to do with a 12 year old boy in Arkansas?

There is plenty of outdoors things that he would enjoy. Go to the Buffalo National River and take a float trip, beautiful scenery and camping anywhere around the Buffalo. In Gentry try the Wild Wilderness Safari, it has lots of animals and a long drive-thru part. Bentonville has a new art museum that has very well known art exhibits, it's Crystal Bridges. Little Rock has a Zoo and a Museum of Discovery for kids, a fun place with "hands on" learning.

The Crater of Diamonds state park is fun (although someone else answered that it was in TN). In central AR where you search the diamond fields and "finders keepers".

Cotter in Marion Co is the best trout fishing you'll find anywhere.

Animal jobs?

Animal jobs?

These are some jobs working with animals that you could consider:

Working with a rescue - including animal care (eg kennel hand), rescuer (eg RSPCA inspector), rehomer, rehabilitator etc.

Dog walker

Dog groomer

Pet sitter

Riding instructor

Dog trainer

Animal behaviourist

Zoo keeper

Vet nurse

Working in conservation

Animal technician (working with lab animals)

There are lots of different qualifications availabel relating to animals. (I'm in the UK so things aer a bit different over here)

There are generic degree courses, such as biology, zoology, marine biology, etc. that may help you get the higher end jobs. Zoos also like a degree in zoology or similar.

You can also get more specific degrees, such as animal management, animal behaviour and welfare etc.

Lower qualifications tend to be more practical - and in some cases are preferred (eg for working in rescue). These include animal care (in the UK you can get NVQs, first diploma, national diplomas etc), kennel and cattery management etc.

There are practical courses in dog grooming, and various equine courses.

You can also find distance learning courses, some of which are officially recognised, in a variety of subjects, from grooming theory, rescue, training and behaviour etc.

Vet nursing has specific courses.

Animal technicians get their qualifications whilst working.

I wanted a full eduaction, so I went for a degree. I chose animal management because it is very varied (covers a bit of everything) and I wasn't sure exactly what type of job I wanted.

But not all animals jobs need formal qualifications - the single best thing you can get is experience. This can be paid work (e.g. working part time in kennels), or voluntary (eg helping at rescues). Even work experience is very good - see if you can go to a vets, rescue, kennel, zoo etc for a few weeks.

Working with animals is great - so long as you are prepared to work hard and get your hands dirty. It certainly isn't glamourous! Good luck!

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