Rabbit Week on July, 2024: 8 week old rabbit poop problems?

Rabbit Week 2024. In Pictures: The week in wildlife Week in wildlife: A rabbit

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8 week old rabbit poop problems?

Rabbits that show little interest in eating hay can have a lot of problems down the line, from dental problems to digestive problems. I had 2 bunnies who didn't eat much hay, which led to dental problems and then they died from abcesses arising from those dental problems, So whatever you do, coax your bunny to eat hay as it is critical for their overall health. As your bunny is still young, you can feed it alfafa hay which has more calories and calcium to aid its growth. When it gets older, slowly wean it off alfafa hay by mixing it with Western timothy hay (older rabbits cannot take alfafa hay as there's too much calcium for them).

See this article for mor info on proper diet for your bunny :

As for the poop, if you are unsure whether its cecotropes or its diahorrea, best take it to a rabbit savvy vet to check. Diahorrea in rabbits can be fatal, so better be safe than sorry..

5 week old rabbit question?

5 week old rabbit question?

rabbits need 4-5h a day outside their cages. I recommend using a playpen or two to build a run attached to their cage when they're young and their potty habits aren't great... after they're older and have been fixed, their litter box habits improve quite a bit and it's possible to let them roam the house (or at least a room or two) freely if you bunny proof.

info on bunny proofing and litter box training:

if you decide to buy playpens, petco's having an amazing sale right now and has free shipping on orders over $49. I'd recommend this playpen if you want something taller than 30'' - it's the best value out of petco's selection that's high enough to keep jumpy bunnies contained - or this one if you think 30'' will be high enough - (I've had a 3-4 month old bunny escape from a 24'' high pen, so I wouldn't go shorter than 30''). you can also connect two to make a bigger space, plus they're great for giving indoor bunnies a taste of the outdoors as long as they're supervised while outside - I take mine out in the yard for about an hour a day as long as it isn't too hot out.

if you have more rabbit questions, you should check out - it's a very helpful community! :)

12 week old rabbit trying to mate?

12 week old rabbit trying to mate?

Yes, your 12 week old male is trying to mate with your female. Randy young bucks will try to mate with anything. He's full of raging hormones and needs to get his groove on. It doesn't matter that your doe is spayed. If you didn't have a female rabbit around, your male might be trying to mate with your leg or anything else he can get up on.

And it's not uncommon for rabbits to try to mount each other's heads. You shouldn't allow your male to do this though, because females who get annoyed by this can sometimes bite the male's penis, which obviously, no one wants to see happen.

The reddish-brown liquid you are seeing is, indeed, urine. Rabbits' urine is often reddish brown, especially if their diets are high in Vitamin A (such as if they eat a lot of carrots). And it's a perfectly normal mating behavior for the male rabbit to chase the object of his affection around, lift his tail, and squirt. Charming, no? If you're really lucky, he might even do it to you! lol

The kindest thing to do is to have your male neutered as soon as possible. At 12 weeks, he's a bit young for the surgery. Typically, you want to wait until 16 weeks or so. In the meantime, keep him away from the female. Even though your female is spayed, it will just make your female angry if she doesn't like the attention. And if the female runs away from the male, it will just make him more frustrated. You can buy one of those rubber playground balls from the drug store and give that to your male bunny to mount until he can be neutered.

One final note, when you do get your male neutered (and I hope that you will!), it will take about 3 weeks or so for the hormones to completely dissapate from the system, so you may not see an immediate cessation of these behaviors right after surgery.

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