Sports Cliché Week on July, 2024: Should professional sports be considered a job?

Sports Cliché Week 2024. Top 10 Sports Clichés You Should Never Use it's Sports Cliché Week,

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Should professional sports be considered a job?

Interesting question - one which gets asked more and more as sports men/women continue to get paid large amounts of money.

However, in my opinion, YES they should be considered a job. Why? Because, on the most part, they are employed by a business to deliver a service. The economics behind the wages they earn is that the skills (at the highest level) are rare and therefore teams/clubs will pay those players more as they can demand higher wages. A more generic job like a shop clerk can be done by a greater number of people therefore the wage is lower as the supply of labor is higher.

Another point is, the wages they earn is our fault. Consumers buy into the advertising, merchandise etc and eventually this expenditure filters through into the teams finances. A team knows that if they get one of the worlds best players, and pay him/her millions a year, people will pay to come see him/her and buy all the merchandise associated with them.

A final point, a lot of sports stars work very hard to get where they are, I know that sounds cliché but its true. To be at the top physical and mental condition week in, week out is hard - especially when there are millions of people waiting to scrutinise you're performance. It is a 'job' that most people want, but in reality, there is only a very small number of people who get to be a top sports star so the amount of money available for wages has less people to cover, leading to obscene amounts.

who should i start this week?

who should i start this week?

I don't want to seem cliche here, but fantasy sports are fun because YOU'RE the coach. Have fun with it, win some and lose some, then try to figure out what's working for you. No offense intended, and please don't take any, you want people to pretty much choose your entire team here. NEVER question Peyton Manning or I will monkey slap you. Unfortunately, I have Jones-Drew and he's been a disappointment thus far but he's a great back and damnit, he'd better bounce back soon. The following people I will name should NEVER be removed from your line-up this season unless they are a.) Injured, b.) Bye week, or c.) you actually want to lose: Peyton Manning, MJD, Witten, Welker, and Austin.

Having said that, I def. like Clayton so far, he's my flex player for now (over jonathan stewart and donald driver). Good luck.

I know it sounds cliche ... but i WANT TO LOSE WEIGHT!!?

I know it sounds cliche ... but i WANT TO LOSE WEIGHT!!?

By the sounds of 5'4" and 120 lbs, you probably have a nice shape and you are just looking to tone up. Do you currently play any sports? Getting in some cardio is going to be necessary to burn fat. If you aren't playing any sports, maybe you can either walk, jog, or get on an elliptical machine for 45-60 minutes 3 days a week (M-W-F).

Then (T-R-S) you need to do a 25-30 warm up (walk on the treadmill, easy on the elliptical, etc) something to get your body warmed up. You'll be doing strength training. If you are strength training, your body will burn more fat throughout the day (even while you are sleeping) and your body mass will go down since your muscles take up less room than fat. Your body will appear slimmer because your muscles will be leaner.

Do 3 sets of 12 of each of these:

push-ups (girl push-ups if you need to)

bicep curls (5-10 lb dumbbells)

shoulder press (10 lbs dumbbells)

squats (no weight at first - then add dumbbells)

lunges (no weight at first - then add 10 lbs to each hand)

calf dips (off of stairs for example)

Crunches (2 sets of 25 each):

- standard crunches

- obliques (1 set for the left, 1 set for the right)

- lower ab lift (feet straight in the air, hands under the butt, lift your feet 3 inches or so, towards the ceiling. Use your abs to lift your legs. It's a very deep exercise)

- bicycles (alternating elbow to knees crunches)

Go through all of the ab exercises once and then repeat.

This should give you a pretty thorough body exercise - hitting all major muscle groups.

You should be eating 5 small meals a day. That means each meal shouldn't be more than 300 calories and 2 snacks of approx 200 calories a day. Stop drinking pop. Those meals should each contain a fruit and or vegetable. And definitely don't forget about the protein.

Take measurements of your body. Your weight might not change as fast as your inches lost. This will still help keep you motivated that you are making positive changes.

I hope this helps - email me if you have any questions at all. I'd be happy to help.

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