Everybody Deserves A Massage Week on July, 2024: how to take care of a sick girlfriend?

Everybody Deserves A Massage Week 2024. Everybody Deserves a Massage Week Everybody Deserves a Massage

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how to take care of a sick girlfriend?

When my girlfriend was in the hospital, she had to get her appendix out :O, I brought her a teddy bear, a balloon, and flowers, and I just stayed with her and kept her company, she said it was the sweetest thing ever, so your good bro!

and ALWAYS agree with her and let her watch whatever movie she wants, even if its the sappiest chick flick.


ignore that girl, thats what people told me when i did that, but shes my girlfriend and she deserves to be spoiled, its probably the same with you!

How to let go of feelings for ex?

How to let go of feelings for ex?

I'm sorry to hear you have a broken heart. The best way to cure it is to follow these steps:

1. No communication (for at least 2 years or until you are with someone else and fully healed). This helps you move on much faster. Every time you have contact your heart will get more broken. So the fastest way to heal is to truly let go and don't write, talk or see him. In any way, that includes emails, text messages skype, etc.

2. Do things you love. Take up the Happy or sport that you loved doing. Whether it is painting, dancing, reading, running etc. Do something you love and do it often. This will help you to feel happy and forget about your ex. It may also help you meet someone new!

3. Talk to friends. Every time you feel you are really sad, don't call your ex. Call a good friend and have a chat or go and meet them for a coffee. That way you can have a loving friendship. This really helps you feel supported and loved by someone.

4. Get rid of everything that reminds you of your ex. Do not look at photos and either throw out or put everything you have from them into storage. Their energy will remain in the objects. By removing them you will free up the energy in your home and start to move on and forget about them.

5. Eat healthy food and get plenty of sleep. Healing from a break up is like having the flu. Your body needs time to heal and repair. So give yourself permission to take super good care of yourself. Go out for massages, go swimming in the sea or go for a walk somewhere really beautiful. Nature is a great healer.

6. Instead of focusing on what you 'lost' try to start focusing on what you are 'gaining'. Make a list of everything you would like to attract in a new partner. This is fun and healing. It will also help you realize that you broke up with your ex for a good reason. Write down what you want to find in a new mate and it will manifest! Make your list detailed and long and build on it over a course of a few weeks. Then keep it somewhere safe. When you find someone new you may find it one day and laugh and the miracle you created!

7. Stay positive affirmations. 'I deserve the best and I accept it now' or 'I love and accept myself' or 'I am beautiful and everybody loves me'. This will help shift your negative thoughts. Plus, when you learn to truly love yourself you will attract a loving new relationship!

Do the above and very soon you will be fully healed and ready for your next love journey!

Blessings to you!

Best friend keeps getting ditched...?

Best friend keeps getting ditched...?

you are a wonderful person. i hope she comes around, i really do.

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