Freedom Week on July, 2024: Were you at the Sean Hannity Freedom-Fest last week on 9112007?

Freedom Week 2024.

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Were you at the Sean Hannity Freedom-Fest last week on 9/11/2007?

The Freedom Fest was a great success and it wasn't meant to "celebrate" 9-11 . . . that is something Barbra Steisand and her lunatic husband do. We, who respect Sean Hannity for all the good he has done , and feel the loss of those innocent victims who died at the hand of terrorists, mourn their loss and commemorate this day so as to never forget how dangerous this world has become. 13,000 came to remember. God Bless Sean Hannity and our American military!!

Freedom of Speech?

Freedom of Speech?

Probably by abiding by the rules Yahoo posts for its Answers section.

This is not a freedom of speech issue as much as it is a business issue. The question may have been reported by somebody and the poster was sent a message saying that the question violated the rules of the Answers arena.

As for the Chinese market, free speech is not free everywhere. If you want to express an opinion not in compliance with Yahoo rules, you are free to do so IN THIS COUNTRY, and you can make your own blog or web page or post to any one of hundreds of thousands of sites and not be penalized for it.

The beauty of free speech is that you can say whatever you want to, and we can disagree with you and respond back.

This is a business setting though, designed to enhance traffic and expose users to advertising, etc. The nation guarantees you a right to free speech, but businesses are not necessarily bound by this.

Have you noticed that Yahoo has done away with the Discuss option on their articles?

Seriously, is this freedom?

Seriously, is this freedom?

I think what you have to realise is that it is indeed freedom. Why? Because you are Catholic. That means that your views are different from others. But your views are not enforced. What you think is immoral is different to what others think is. You'd prefer gay couples were indoors and aborition and contraception was outlawed. But thats your view and you have a right to express it but so do those who don't. Thats freedom.

Trying to force others to do something is not freedom. Nor is it democratic. (I don't mean the party I mean democracy)

About the illegal immigrant thing, how about all the hundreds that don't commit crime. And America has the worst child abuse record of any developed nation. Its true you can google it the BBC ran a series of articles on it last month. So I think its probably more to the local media making fusses over crimes like that without talking about the bigger picture.

You pay your taxes so people can be in America and live the way they like to.

Honestly if you ignore the "double mommies" your kid won't even notice it. If you make a fuss and become anxious they will ask you questions. But you have seven children? What if one decided to be gay, he lives in America. He is allowed to be gay if he wants.

Thats freedom.

I'm not ranting at you saying your wrong or what ever, I'm just anwsering you're question.


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