Pig Day 2022 is on Tuesday, March 1, 2022: what to guinea pigs do all day?

Tuesday, March 1, 2022 is Pig Day 2022.

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Pig Day

The Porker is a wholly underrated animal, so this big day was made in 1972 to try to raise recognition of the intellectual expertise, versatility and basic tastiness of the modest Porker.

Commemorate Pig Day by tying pink bows to trees to symbolize curly pink tails, and afterwards either provide the bad piggies a break in recognition of their service, or tuck into a wonderful bacon sarnie-- your choice.

what to guinea pigs do all day?

Is your guinea pig on his own in a small cage with no toys? Then yes, that is all he does all day - not because he is a boring animal but because he is bored!

Guinea pigs are a grazing species, so they naturall spend a lot of their time eating. This is one of the reasons they should have grass hay available at all times.

As they have constantly growing teeth they also have a strong drive to chew and gnaw - when they are not actually eating they may enjoy chewing on wooden or cardboard toys.

You also state "a guinea pig". Guinea pigs are a social species that need the company of their own kind. Housed together guinea pigs will play together (eg follow the leader etc), they might squabble a bit - eg playing "my nose is higher than yours" or rumblestrutting, they would steal veggies from eachother, might sleep together etc.

If you keep a single piggie on its own there are many of its natural behaviours (social interaction) that it simply can not perform.

Piggies can also be fairly active and inquisitive when given the opportunity. They will often explore their surroundings, run laps and popcorn (a sort of funny jump - looks like they are having a spasm!). In a small and / or boring cage this is not possible.

If you don't provide you pet with an outlet for its natural behaviours then of course it will seem boring, and it will suffer. If possible, try giving your piggie a much bigger cage, plenty of toys, a proper diet (inc hay and veggies) and a same sex companion. You should notice a big change in his behaviour!

If your piggie already has all this it may just be that your piggie is active when you are not around. My pigs will run around and popcorn and play, and they like to move their hideys and toys around etc, but I rarely see it because its either early in the morning or while I'm at work. I only know they are active because their cage has been rearranged or because my family have seen them.

Hope this helps!

When can i have a pig out day?

When can i have a pig out day?

Well I normally have a treat once a week and a pig out day maybe once a month. So, every week I will let myself have a couple glasses of win, a bag of pick a mix, popcorn at the cinemas or one unhealthy meal like some pizza or pasta with creamy sauces.

Once a month I will give myself a whole day to eat what I like, for example, this month I had waffles with maple syrup, whipped cream and bananas for breakfast, a cheese sandwich and some cake for lunch and a take away pizza for dinner!

You cannot have a pig out day too often cos it will stall weight loss :) Once a month is ok though, and don't avoid treats altogether cos it isnt realistic.

I just got my guinea pigs 3 days ago and have some doubts?

I just got my guinea pigs 3 days ago and have some doubts?

Guinea pigs drink from bottles, not bowls.

Maybe their sick. Take them to the vet.

They'll figure out their name eventually. Hold each one at a time and keep saying their name as you pet them.

No offense... But why do you have a servent watch your guinea pigs while your at school? You don't need to watch them all day, just check up on them every once in a while.

Also on this date Tuesday, March 1, 2022...