Fruit Compote Day 2022 is on Tuesday, March 1, 2022: how do you soften fruit for eating?

Tuesday, March 1, 2022 is Fruit Compote Day 2022. National Fruit Compote Day - Fun Food Holidays for March @ CDKitchen National Fruit Compote Day

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Fruit Compote Day

Frequently overlooked as baby food, compotes could be remarkably grown-up and complicated if they’re prepared correctly. It’s time for you to take these dishes from the nursery by honoring Fruit Compote Day! Compote may be the French word for mixture, and just about any fruit may be used, aside from bananas, because they don’t prepare well.Fruit compotes can be created with either fruits or with dried, reconstituted fruit. A really grown-up method to re-hydrate individuals apricots or apple slices would be to soak them in cider, or perhaps Champagne, before adding these to a mixture of summer time berries. Compotes could be spiced up, too. Give a couple of cloves plus some cinnamon to some being applied pot of apples, apples and blackberries for any warming winter treat.To actually add an aura of sophistication, carefully shred some mint leaves and sprinkle on them the compote to include colour along with a fresh counterpoint to any or all that fruitiness.

how do you soften fruit for eating?

If they're very hard, they should probably be left to ripen for a couple days. Peaches are often shipped to stores half-ripe, so they're not very good right when you get them home.

If you're still having problems, I would recommend making a peach compote; basically, cooking them. It will soften them up a bit and warm fruit compote is great with ice cream, over toast, with biscuits, or just on its own.

Mother’s day breakfest ideas?

Mother's day breakfest ideas?

Make this Mother's Day unforgettable with one of these breakfast menus, or use your imagination and substitute. Or use the recipes listed near the bottom of the page to make your own special menu.

1.An Easy and Delicious Mother's Day Breakfast

Quick and easy but delicious, the breakfast casserole is put together the night before. A delicious cantaloupe smoothie and easy muffins make this breakfast memorable.

Western Ham and Egg Casserole

Cantaloupe Smoothie

Blueberry Muffins

Hot Coffee or Tea

2.An Extra-Special Mother's Day Breakfast

Here's an elegant breakfast for anyone who loves to cook. Perfect for Mother's day or any special occasion breakfast. For a touch of indulgence, serve this breakfast with champagne and orange juice Mimosas.

Eggs Benedict Fruit Compote With Pears

Sour Cream Cinnamon Rolls

Strawberry Smoothies or Mimosas

Hot Coffee or Tea

am i eating way too much for a 5/6 meal a day plan?

am i eating way too much for a 5/6 meal a day plan?

You work out...that's good.

What’s up with the 5 or 6 meals a day? You just need 2 or 3 good meals a day and be done with it. Eating every 2 or 3 hours is for people who have eating disorders or food obsessions, using the digesting process to burn more calories because they’re too lazy to move their sweet behind and get a good sweat.

It is also hard to exercise if you don’t eat for it. You can but it feels much harder and you don’t progress much.

It’s like you’re eating too often but not enough.

I would need a good high carbs meal about 2 hours prior to exercising so I have energy for 2 hours, not thinking about my next meal.

Eating all the time is like not sleeping and pace all night to burn more calories. You need your rest, your digestive system does too.

I can’t see your lunch in all that (a bowl of cereal at noon with a yogurt is not lunch).

Of course if you do not have a good lunch, that won’t sustain you until dinner time.

Here are a two weeks French school menu samples to give you an idea about what lunch should look like...

Salade verte et cœur de palmier - Saumon en sauce / Pommes vapeur - Fromage – Gâteau

(lettuce salad with heart of palm – salmon with gravy/steamed potato – cheese – cake)

Concombres vinaigrette - Sauté de dinde / Petits pois - Yaourt

(cucumber salad – sautéed turkey/young peas – yogurt)

Betteraves - Rôti de porc / Gratin dauphinois – Poire

(beets - pork roast/oven cheesed mashed potatoes – pear)

Carottes râpées - Poule au riz - Pommes au four - Salade de fruits

(shredded carrots salad – chicken with rice - roasted potato – fruit salad)

Potage aux carottes - Sauté de porc / Haricots blancs sauce tomate - Raisin

(carrots soup – sautéed pork/white beans with tomato sauce – grapes)

Potage aux poireaux - Spaghettis bolognaises - Fromage – Compote

(leek soup – spaghettis Bolognese – cheese – applesauce)

Saucisson sec - Œuf dur sauce blanche / Epinards - Fromage - Kiwi

(dry sausage – hard boiled egg in white sauce/spinach – cheese – Kiwi)

Salade verte et maïs - Filet de poisson / Choux-fleurs - Fromage – Crème Vanille

(lettuce and corn – fish fillet/cauliflower – cheese – vanilla cream)

Salade d’endives - Mijoté de bœuf aux légumes – Glace

(endive salad – beef stew with vegetables – Ice-cream)

Soupe aux légumes - Veau Marengo / Carottes - Fromage – Clémentine

(vegetable soup – veal Marengo-mushrooms & tomatoes/carrots – cheese –clementine)

You should not have to eat a late breakfast at 10 and 2 hours later have to eat AGAIN. (2 hours later is when you’re supposed to have enough energy to exercise...not eat again).

And it’s not even cooking, it’s eating cereals with milk or yogurt.

Then you have fruits here and there...3 oranges in 2 hours?

Also, you should avoid fructose (sugar in fruits/veggies) with lactose (sugar in dairies, like in a yogurt) in the same meal. Separate them (in different meals) as they’re like sibling rivalry (fructose is the big bully).

Fructose (fruits/veggies), combined with lactose (milk), is not that good. Fructose will interfere with the absorption of lactose in the small intestine, and then unabsorbed lactose will increase the growth of bacteria in the colon. Those bacteria are healthful on a small scale but if they run amok, you end up with bloating, flatulence, and other gastrointestinal symptoms and might even decide that you’re “lactose intolerant”.

You can also buy more expensive lactose free milk which has the same nutrients but then you don’t have to worry about fructose messing up with your lactose.

Your “yogurt with and orange” would be a no-no for me (lactose + fructose).

Some people have gas because they mix up fruits and milk at breakfast, or they eat yogurts with fruits or broccolis with cheese…One of my favorite recipes is broccoli egg divine (which has cheese in it...dairy) but I don’t eat it much because I have to pay the price later on.

Fructose also interferes with the sucrose absorption, but moderately. Fructose is the big bully of sugars! I love fruits/veggies but eat them separately from my dairies.

Hopefully you can cook a healthy dinner, not just some “chicken with some pasta or veggies” but an awesome recipe like a Chicken Supreme or Chicken and Dumplings in your slow cooker (I favor my rotisserie when cooking chicken).

Also on this date Tuesday, March 1, 2022...