Zero Discrimination Day 2022 is on Tuesday, March 1, 2022: How is opposing gay marriage discrimination?

Tuesday, March 1, 2022 is Zero Discrimination Day 2022. United Nations News Centre - Ahead of Zero Discrimination Day, UN ... Ahead of Zero Discrimination

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How is opposing gay marriage discrimination?

Opposing gay marriage isn't discrimination, writing laws against gay marriage and denying gay couples equal rights is. The laws are denying equal protection under the law for a segment of the population. For example, I was watching a documentary recently about a gay man who has been raising the same foster child for the last 10 years in the State of Florida. Yet, the state laws don't allow him to go ahead and adopt this child. So, he is a good enough parent to raise this child, who by the way is now an older child and black meaning his chances of being adopted by a man/woman couple are pretty much zero, the child considers him his father, but yet he can't have full parental rights. That is discrimination. How about the lesbian couple (again in Florida) that came to Mimi to take a cruise with their three adopted children. They had a civil union in another state and paperwork done through a lawyer to ensure they were protected in other states. One of them I think had a stroke (or something like that) and ended up in a hospital. The lawyer faxed over their paperwork but yet the hospital denied this dying woman to see her partner and three children because they weren't married and Florida is not a gay friendly state (as the hospital staff put it). It took three days before they were allowed to see her. That is discrimination. And marriage PROTECTS couples and their families (which already exist, its not like denying same-sex couples legal protection will stop them from forming families and having children). Without that protection what happens is discrimination.

A !Church! is planing to burn the Quran ,Do u consider this a discrimination crime?

A !Church! is planing to burn the Quran ,Do u consider this a discrimination crime?

This is what liberals said about the ground zero mosque only five minutes ago when they were posing as First Amendment absolutists. Suddenly, they've developed amnesia when it comes to the free-speech right to burn a Quran.

Weirdly, all those who opposed building the mosque next to ground zero are also against the Quran burning. (Except in my case. It turns out I'm for it, but mostly because burning Qurans will contribute to global warming.) just kidding about the burning thing

The reason not to burn Qurans is that it's unkind -- not to jihadists, but to Muslims who mean us no harm. The same goes for building a mosque at ground zero -- in both cases, it's not a question of anyone's "rights," it's just a nasty thing to do. o_O

Can u describe to me the discrimination of homosexuals in India?

Can u describe to me the discrimination of homosexuals in India?

I am from India.

One. Homosexuality is illegal in India by the Unnatural Sex Act, which was formulated by the britishers ( when they ruled India) in 1858....By this any act of homosexuality is illegal in India.....

Two. Culturally and socially, homosexuality is a taboo......It has always been...and still is.....

I for one , am not against homosexuality, But you wont find many people like me here. Normal , Common people just think that its downright disgusting and many have zero awareness abt it, many i believe think its like a disease that can be treated, or stomped out......

Awareness is actually increasing these days, there was a All-Gay-Rights parade held in the capital some months back, that recieved very healthy publicity.....The health minister also tried to comment in the press, that homosexuality shud be made legal....But it didnt lead anywhere, and with the heavy influence of religion and culture in India's soceity, it doenst look likely that homosexuality wud be legal in India in the next 50 ys....

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