National Work From Home Week on October, 2024: home health aide pay ?

National Work From Home Week 2024. National Work From Home Week -- October 9 - 15 National Work From Home Week

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home health aide pay ?

The national median income for a home health aide in the US, is only $9.34 an hour as of 2006. In New York, the average income is $9.70 an hour, as of 2006, or about $20k a year.

For more detailed information regarding this position, I suggest you read the analysis at and in the search box, enter "Home health Aide."

This field is in demand and is definately growing. There is a shortage in home health aides throughout the country, and it is with no surprise too, especially if they are paying these positions only $9.00 an hour, they can expect such a shortage.

Daniel Newell

Employment Specialist

Army national guard Infantry?

Army national guard Infantry?

National Guard soldiers are assigned to a unit located within their home state and are considered reserve soldiers. Once a month National Guard soldiers report to their units for "Drill Weekend" which involves basic unit maintenence (fixing vehicles, training, etc). Because the National Guard does not perform their duties everyday, they are paid less than active duty soldiers and most Guardsmen have civilian jobs when not attending Drill Weekend. And because National Guard personnel do not work as a unit on a regular basis, they must conduct physical training on their personal time between drill weekends to ensure they are maintaining Army physical requirements. National Guard soldiers also serve the governor of their state and are often called upon in times of natural disaster (floods, tornado aftermath, etc) or times of emergency. National Guard soldiers can also be "mobilized" by the federal government to serve a deployment and are deployed to all areas that active duty soldiers are deployed (when I was in Afghanistan, we had National Guard soldiers from Michigan and Tennessee in the same location).

Active Duty soldiers serve the federal government, and can be stationed anywhere the federal government requires them to be (Fort Hood, Fort Carson, etc). Active duty soldiers are generally the first soldiers to be deployed to overseas locations and are usually the first forces on the ground when invading another country. Active duty soldiers are paid more than National Guard soldiers because they perform their military duties all year round. Because Active Duty soldiers work at their units every week day, Active Duty soldiers generally conduct physical training everyday their unit does.

Other than this, the National Guard and Active Army are largely the same. The primary difference though is in culutre; because National Guard soldiers are not constantly enganged in a military lifestyle they are often less formal in how they address one another (it is not uncommon for a senior national guardsman and a junior national guardsman to work for the same civilian workplace, or for a lower ranking Guardsman to be the boss of a senior ranking Guardsman in their civilian job). Despite some persecptions in the Active Army of how Guardsmen are "fat weekend warriors", National Guard soldiers are expected to maintain the same levels of fitness and training as Active Duty soldiers.

Western Theme Activities for National Nursing Home Week?

Western Theme Activities for National Nursing Home Week?

You sound like an amazing activities assistant. I love that you want to make the resident's time special. Ok, how about these ideas:

-- A barbeque (you'd have to preplan w/ dietary director) with picnic red and white square table cloths on all the tables with a little straw hay bail in the middle for decor. Very inexpensive.

--Maybe talk to your local 4H club. They are always looking for ways to volunteer and earn hours. They might be able to bring out some horses/ponies for the residents to see.

--You can put together a game of horshoes. I know they make those heavy duty plastic horse shoes that might be lighter for the residents.

--Have a piano player come and do a HoDown Sing A Long. Songs like O'Susanna and others. The residents can wear cowboy hats during the sing a long.

--If you wanted to go all out you could have some of the nurses & cna's put on a little skit for the residents complete with props. A cowboys and indians theme? I know our residents LOVE it when the staff gets involved. It creates a family environment.

I hope some of these ideas help. Have a great time!!!

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