National Carry A Tune Week on October, 2024: A world where football isn't that big?

National Carry A Tune Week 2024. National Carry A Tune Week National Carry A Tune Week

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A world where football isn’t that big?

Not to worry. Those comments are ludicrous to put it lightly. They carry no weight in public opinion. People tune in to see these 2 go at it. Remember PTI during MNF? It did not stick. Let's get factual.

One of the reasons pro-football is popular, especially among men is that it is a full-contact sport. Aggressive contact is a way for males to demonstrate toughness. In football, full contact is a regular part of the game, and one of the characteristics of American football is that the tougher you are, the better you are as a player. It is expected that every football player is able to deliver and withstand aggressive physical contact.

Unlike the other three popular sports leagues, the NBA, the NHL, and Major League Baseball, the NFL has only sixteen weeks. From autumn of the current season to winter of the following year, each week has extra things other than the games themselves. These include speculations from around the league such as interviews with players and coaches, predictions, statistic comparisons and there is also the trash talking among players. All of these cause buildup of intensity for each game. Week after week it seems some team has something to prove to the media, the critics, the fans and especially themselves.

For any televised professional sport to be noticed by the masses, promotions are a "must." The NFL is arguably the most successful promoter of all pro-sports leagues. The league takes advantage of its popularity very well and the die hard fans are more than willing to invest on its products. Every year new items come out to present each team or player. What other way to represent your loyalty to your home than other than wearing a player's jersey? For many, this is the ultimate way to show that one is a true fan. Other form of promoting football is to create exclusive items for each team. An example of this the "Terrible Towel," with the name exclusive to the Pittsburgh Steelers. Another one is the Green Bay Packer Cheesehead. These items add "color" and character to each team.

The National Football League is not only a league of great players and coaches. It is arguably the only pro-sports league that will only continue to grow. If anything the NFL is becoming International with games in London and in other countries. Kornheiser and Wilborn are way off on this one.

If Fox News is not a valid new organization, can you explain to me the following?

If Fox News is not a valid new organization, can you explain to me the following?

I am an indep who never watched televised news until the elections came around. I watched Anderson Cooper on CNN, but mostly, I found that FOX News was always carrying stories that other networks buried so they could protect Obama. That is when I figured out which networks were full of crap and which ones are the real deal.

I've seen Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity's opinionated shows and I disagree with them more than a few times. But Chris Wallace is the closest thing I've seen to Tim Russert on cable news and Greta van Susteren is not bad either. I don't rely solely on FOX News for my news - I use the AP mostly on Yahoo! News for that, but FOX is hardly an illegitimate source of news.

has Miz brought back some prestige back to the W_E title?

has Miz brought back some prestige back to the W_E title?

The Miz has the talent, the skills, and the charisma to be a very good WWE Champion. Unfortunately, the timing was off for Miz to carry the WWE's flagship championship. For three reasons he didn't have the "star power" to overcome.

1. Even though Miz carried the title, the spotlight was still on John Cena. That's not Miz's fault. It's not Cena's fault, either. It's Vince's fault. Cena is the biggest wrestling star in the world. Period. Cena sells PPVs, he sells truckloads of merchandise, and he keeps 11-12 million people tuning in to RAW every week, whether to see him win or to see him get destroyed, doesn't matter; 11-12 million people tune in to RAW every week with Cena as the main event and the marquee attraction. Vince can shine the spotlight on somebody else and Cena will still sell PPVs and merchandise by the truckload. Miz just isn't larger-than-life enough to TAKE the spotlight from Cena.

2. Michael Cole. Vince pushed that irritating little troll over EVERYBODY ELSE. Vince not only had Cole on every RAW throughout the whole show, he had him on Smackdown throughout every show, as well. And PPV. And NXT. The only Cole-free show the WWE had on national TV was Superstars. Vince made Michael Cole the top heel in the WWE and gave him FOUR HOURS every week to piss everybody off. AND put him in high-profile matches on PPV. How in the world is The Miz (or anybody else) supposed to compete with THAT? The Miz just isn't larger-than-life enough to, "outshine" that monster Vince made of Michael Cole.

3. The Rock. He's The Rock, one of the biggest names in wrestling history. He came back at the wrong time (for The Miz). After that long absence he came back and got EVERYBODY'S attention. Worse, he came back and immediately started feuding with Cena, instead of the WWE Champ. Had The Rock called out Miz or started feuding with him, that would have done wonders for Miz's credibility and star power. Instead, The Rock called out Cena, and the WWE Champ got pushed into the background as the "WWE universe" split over "who's winning the war of words" between Cena and The Rock. The Miz was the odd man out.

Those three things combined (conspired) to make Miz's reign as WWE Champ...not forgettable, exactly, but more...unremarkable. We were all paying more attention to Cole, The Rock, and Cena than we were the WWE Champ. This section alone was/is filled with Cena/Rock/Cole questions and discussions, and very few Miz discussions. Miz has all the tools, all the ingredients, to make an excellent WWE Champ. He just doesn't have the "star power", and perhaps the credibility, to take the spotlight away from Cena and The Rock, or to outshine Cole's four hours a week of TV time.

I'd love to see The Miz get another shot at carrying the WWE Title, without The Rock there, without Cole and his idiotic grandstanding heel BS, and with Cena taking a backseat in the spotlight department (you listening, Vince?). The Miz has all the tools; he just needs a fair chance to show them.

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