Kids' Goal Setting Week on October, 2023: I am getting married in June 2011, and 7 weeks pregnant with my second child

Kids' Goal Setting Week 2023.

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I am getting married in June 2011, and 7 weeks pregnant with my second child

Why keep pushing it off? Setting weight loss goals is not a good idea because if you don't meet the goals you'll feel crappy on your wedding day. My cousin ordered a dress that was too small and when her wedding came around, it wouldn't zip up. We had to safety-pin it together & hide the zipper with her veil. She spent over an hour crying. Not a good idea. Besides, your wedding shouldn't be about looking pretty. It's about commitment. Just get married. You are who/what you are-- obviously he loves you the way you are. And it's probably in your kids' best interest to get life settled down ASAP.

Need diet help ASAP!!!?

Need diet help ASAP!!!?

Ok first off you need to set reasonable goals. You won't lose 50 lbs in a month. 10-15 in a month is very reasonable.

Next, don't beat yourself up if you fall off the wagon. The key is to control your fall. For example, many people who are used to junk food set one day a week where you can go get ice cream or something else you like. Just keep in mind the how much you consume is the key. The "psychological thrill" of eating sweets is normally satisfied in the first 2-3 bites, so try getting a kid's portion. That way it is a reward for doing a good job.

So what about those craving you have inbetween your reward days? Try satisfying your sweet tooth with some fruit. Or if you crave salty foods, string cheese is your best friend.

But ultimately,,,whenever you are hungry, first off drink a glass of ice cold water to help suppress that hunger while you go about doing chores, running errands etc.

I’m a young mother and parent teacher conference is next week any advice on not being nervous?

I'm a young mother and parent teacher conference is next week any advice on not being nervous?

I think there's just something about those little desks and the smell of the cleaning liquid that makes us remember when we were at school, bringing on an attack of nerves as if we've been sent to the principal's office. :-)

Just remember that you and the teacher have the same goal: your child's success. Discussing your child's strengths is a pleasure for both of you. Discussing areas for improvement is not an attack on your child or your parenting, but a step towards making your child do even better in the future. I think the worst conferences are the ones where the teacher tells you your child is doing wonderfully in every possible way. Surely everybody has *something* they can work on.

Also, remember that many *teachers* are nervous during the conference, too. Usually they've put a lot of preparation into it. They are trying to figure out how to best communicate important information about the part of your kids' day that you miss, to seem like they're doing a good job teaching (they're sure that *you're* the one judging *them*), and to avoid confrontations with over-the-top parents who go ballistic if someone mentions their child sometimes misbehaves (there's one in every crowd). Think of one thing you like that the teacher is doing, and start the conference off by mentioning it. It will set the tone for the rest of the evening.

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