Emergency Nurses Week on October, 2021: Emergency contraceptin failure.?

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Emergency contraceptin failure.?

You may skip this period entirely, have strange spotting or just come normally but late. You need to realise the emergency contraceptive is a massive dose of hormone, your hormones are a bit messed up right now and it can take several cycles to return to normal. Not to worry. If you've not had a period in 3 weeks take a pregnancy test.

Is the pay for a certified nurse good enough to have a stable life?

Is the pay for a certified nurse good enough to have a stable life?

When you state "certified", do you mean a Certified Nursing Assistant? If so, there is no way you can have what you mentioned.....CNA's are paid a little above minimum wage. It takes a 6 week class to be a CNA.

An LPN/LVN is a "Licensed" Practical or Vocation Nurse and they usually start around $17-20 an hour. It takes a year-long vocational program to earn a technical certificate to be an LPN/LVN.

An RN is a "Registered" Nurse and they start off at over $20 an hour, usually averaging around $28-40 an hour after a few years experience. You can become an RN with either an Associate Degree or a Bachelor Degree.

Once you are an RN and have worked in a specialized area, you can take an exam to be "certified" in that specialty, such as being a CEN (Certified Emergency Nurse) or CCRN (Certified Critical-Care RN), which designates your a Registered Nurse with an advanced amount of knowledge in an area. This was created to allow primary care (bedside) RN's to show expertise in an area without needing a Masters to prove it. A Masters Degree is for becoming an Advanced Practice Nurse, a Clinical Specialist, or for teaching purposes.

Emergency Room Doctors?

Emergency Room Doctors?

Emergency Department doctors check on the patients and decide treatment after the nurses triage and do there assessment. They have to know a lot about all types of emergencies.

School is typically the same as other doctors. First 4 yrs is pre-med, then another 4 yrs of med school. Then finally the residency period of approximately 3-4 yrs.

Pay is going to vary from place to place but I expect it is atleast above 100k a year.

Pros: high pay, get to help people

Cons: high stress, lots of school needed

Also on this date October 1, 2021...