Freedom From Bullies Week on October, 2023: How to deal with bullying girls?

Freedom From Bullies Week 2023. Freedom Week Bullies Week logo and the

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How to deal with bullying girls?

You have Freedom of Speech and expression. Try to speak to an adult about this. Or make a big group of people who are experiencing what you are. And warn them no matter how horrible they are yo are better than them. They are looser bulling people is a waste of time. Prove them you are winners. Don't listen to whatever they say, don't obey them if you think they are wrong.

Do you want Bully Ray to sign a Contract Extension with TNA or leave TNA?

Do you want Bully Ray to sign a Contract Extension with TNA or leave TNA?

I think bully ray is good at The TNA and he should get a contract extension, think about it if he went back to WWE he would be nothing more than a mid-card at best, plus it's not the attitude era anymore so he would soon turn into a jobber within a year or two what with WWE's anti-bullying campaign. I hope Bully-Ray stays at TNA as they will give him the correct storylines and freedom with his character.

Next door neighbours cat is a bully?

Next door neighbours cat is a bully?

Well, for one, in the city, (or a city setting anyway) it is absolutely safest for the kitty to be indoors anyway. Not to mention that older cats carry dormant viruses and diseases that they can pass to little baby kitties. Though once you let a cat outside they will rarely ever become an indoor kitty without a lifelong fight for freedom.

As for the next door neighbor's cat being a bully, first off I have to lol. It's just too funny that you are offended at that, lol.

Ok, so, you don't really need to feel that protective of your kitten. The cat next door will not hurt him. Unless your kitten is making VERY loud protesting howls, then he is just fine and would actually rather you just leave him alone. Even a puffed up kitten would rather be the one to walk away from an unpleasant encounter rather than you to rush in and save him.

See, until he met this kitty he didn't have a chance to know what kitties are like. Yes, he had his mother and siblings, but he also naturally has a 2 week memory. He suffers from short-term memory and will not remember YOU if you leave him for more than a week, so this other kitty opens up a whole new and exciting world for him, even if she makes him puff up. (puffing up is their way of intimidating their foes, lol, but it's so cute to see how "big" they get).

Anyway, my advice would be to not be too over-protective of your baby and let him play once in a while. Cats play in a totally rough manner. They can seem like they are KILLING each other, but unless they also SOUND like they are killing each other, then you need to just back off and watch as your little guy slowly builds up his courage (and interaction skills) by fighting back. It won't be long before he is chasing HER!! I promise you that!!

Everything about their learning and development has to do with their ability to be curious and play, so if you do decide to try to keep him confined make sure you buy him LOTS of toys and play games with your toes under the covers of your bed while he attacks them safely from the outside.

Kitties really are more happy when they know they aren't the only cat in the world though. They like each other even if it seems like they don't.

Good luck and have fun!

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