4-H Week on October, 2022: H Week - Why is 4-H so advanced?

4-H Week 2022.

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Why is 4-H so advanced?

First, I wanted to say Congratulations!! I believe you will have a blast in 4-H. It may seem like a lot to start with, but they are just making sure you have all the information you need to get started.

The basic performance test you will go through in 3 weeks is called the Level 1 test. During this test, you will have to catch your horse in a corral, halter the horse, tie the horse and groom him. Then they will want you to saddle and bridle the horse and get on him in the corral. Then they will have you get off, go through the gate, and remount the horse. Then you will walk and trot and lope around the arena once and stop your horse. It is a real easy test, they just want to make sure you are following the safe practices and to be sure you and your horse are a good match.

Relax. it will be soooooo easy! Just keep riding and practicing.

You can choose what projects you want to do with your horse, whether it will only be halter and showmanship (which you will do on the ground with no saddle on the horse), or western classes like western pleasure and reining, or english classes like hunter hack and english pleasure. There are also speed classes like barrel racing and pole bending that you can do at your county fair also. YOU get to choose what you want to do with your horse.

You can even do both english and western and the speed classes. It just depends upon how your horse does, and what you feel like doing.

During this year, you will hopefully get to take your horses to several practices. Your confidence will grow the more you practice and the more you ride your horse. If you have any questions, or problems, all you have to do is ask your project leaders or the club leader and they will be glad to assist you in whatever you need.

Again, Congratulations and I hope you have a wonderful time!!!

how old should 4 h rabbits be at weigh in?

how old should 4 h rabbits be at weigh in?

Each club is different. If they are going by ARBA standards they have to be under 10 weeks old. They need to weigh at least 3 pounds but not more than 5. They judge them on uniformity in size amongst other things.

Figure out the exact date of your fair and subtract 14 weeks and that is when you should breed.

**** Yes breed her 14 weeks before your fair. This will make the babies just under 10 weeks when they go to be judged.

Good luck with your project

How many days of the week is 4-h for dogs?

How many days of the week is 4-h for dogs?

I offer a training class once a week for training in obedience, rally, showmanship, conformation and agility. It is up to the member to regularly train the dog at home. You cannot just come to class once a week and have a well trained dog. the homework must be done.

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