Getting The World To Beat A Path To Your Door Week on October, 2024: Sometimes I get sick of what life has to offer nowadays?

Getting The World To Beat A Path To Your Door Week 2024. images-2.jpg It's Getting the World to Beat a Path to Your Door Week!

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Sometimes I get sick of what life has to offer nowadays?

It is already a good thing of you to have written down about your troubles and your reflections. In the field of tension between the displeasure of your life-vicissitudes and hopefully your growing perspicacity, from a level of better nurtured energy you may soon be achieving a state of more confidence that the future may become better.

Knowing how awkward shallow perverted nasty the world about you is or can be; being burdened by the fact that most often life is struggle against the effects of wrong behaviour and of noxious addictive attitudes, you will decide and more resolutely fiercely go further in your own life. It is a good thing of you to have written so much about the way your environment, with people and all that, goes. Now you will try and go on, in your own way, in the magic way that you may find or contrive of.

In your world, in your necessary interactions with others, within family, with a sweet-heart, with companion and or with superior in hopefully good solidarity against difficulties, facing challenges, you will be thinking that you do want to be the good future-oriented actor; then you are the good actor, the braver co-pilot of your own life, the fiercer hardy more daring higher flying co-pilot unto your own future, unto your own destiny.

You will have to try and construct the good renewing side of life! So in whatever you are doing and loving to do or are supposed to do (must do) for hopefully your own better survival, you are more diligently working at building up, or more passionately adding up to, some good events and some good perhaps wonderful memories for a future; wonderful memories for your own future!

From the deeper warm throbbing vaults of your own heart, from along the immense sun-kissed or gloomy wind-swept and at times even deadly stormy shores and landscapes and horizons and heavenly stretches and yonder of your own soul, you are ever certainly diligently preparing for changes, for a great metamorphosis, even for a sequel of wondrous or weird metamorphoses perhaps never thought of before that may be leading you on to a great apotheosis of glowing certainty and of delicious as if perennial bliss.

The simplest new start for you is to try and adopt more the style of the proverbial astute good old fox for hopefully your own (better) survival. Also, you might try and adopt more the attitude of a diligent dedicated experimenter where your careful dedicated experimenting will evoke more experience (good, or bad needing corrections, changes) that may be leading on to good expertise so that eventually you may become the cleverer expert and or even the admired great glowing master or the holy saint on the path or avenue of your own life.

Dear good friend of ours within the wider bounds of this great cyberspace, so also you might try and do! But do also all the while be more open for chances of lots great merry thoughtless laughs in good company, if good loving company is there, or more often most sublimely all on your own. Good luck!

Cat ran away but came back a week later?

Cat ran away but came back a week later?

All my cats are indoor/outdoor cats. They are outside all day and then come into the garage at night (if they want) I live on a farm and they can go where ever they want. There have been coyotes and we live close to a highway. I have only ever lost 1 cat due to it being run over. I've never had issues of them getting eaten by animals (they can climb trees). Cats are smart they know how to hunt to find food and how to get away from predators. If the cat wants to be outside let him be outside if he wants to come back in let him come in. Whatever you think is right for your cat to keep it happy and healthy. I know its worrisome when cats run away, there are some days I would stay up until midnight trying to call a cat in for the night. But odds are they will come back. I once had a cat run away for 2 months and I had counted him out for good but one day he comes strolling back in and I still have that cat to this day.

The oldest cat I have right now is 15 years old. He is arthritic and meows too much and used to be an indoor cat for the first maybe 7 years of his life. He loves to go outside. On warm days I can't get him back in the garage, so I would not say that outdoor cats live worse or shorter lives than indoor cats. If one of my cats die at least I will know they died happy and not shut up in the stuffy old house.

can you tell me a good joke or riddle?

can you tell me a good joke or riddle?

For Sale: Parachute.

Only used once, never opened, small stain.

Living on Earth is expensive,

but it does include a free trip around the sun.

The only time the world beats a path to your door is if you're in the bathroom.

If God wanted me to touch my toes

He would have put them on my knees

It has recently been discovered

that research causes cancer in rats.

If I won the lottery,

I wouldn't be one of those people

who immediately quit their jobs.

I'd make my boss's life a living hell

for a week or two first.

It seems that people read the Bible

a whole lot more as they get older

then it dawned on me . . .

they were cramming for their finals.

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