No Salt Week on October, 2023: epson salt37 weeks pregnant?

No Salt Week 2023. No Salt Week??? No Thank You!!! notion that the culinary world should go WITHOUT salt for a whole week!

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epson salt....37 weeks pregnant???

as long as your water bad has not broken........a relaxing bath is a great idea!! (once your water bag has broken most docs advise against them due to the risk of infection). epson salt baths were my favorite when i was preg.

enjoy your lovely bath and good luck with your babe to be!!!

Chinese Salt...blood pressure?

Chinese Salt...blood pressure?

Salt has not been shown to affect blood pressure. There is no known studies that can confirm salt raising or lowering blood pressure.

High blood pressure is from a vitamin deficiency. 80% of Diabetes type II is caused by a nano bacteria that is normally killed by the stomach acid found in a person's stomach. If your aunt has taken antacids, this will allow the bacteria to multiply and can create the diabetes problem. Additionally, the intestinal flora is another defensive mechanism the body has to kill this bacteria, but most people have taken antibiotics at sometime in their life and not replenished the intestinal flora with a quality probiotic.

Chinese salt or gomashio is cooked sesame seeds with table salt added. The best salt is Pink Sea Salt. This actually promotes good stomach acid production and contains huge amounts of trace minerals and many beneficial things for the body, unlike the bleached nutritionless white table salt from Morton. This should not affect her blood pressure.

Monosodium glutamate is a very dangerous chemical. It has been found to cause lessions in the brain and should be avoided at all costs. It is very toxic to the body.

It also sounds like your aunt as infections in her body that need to be addressed as well as fixing her nutritional deficiencies. I would strongly suggest getting her to purchase some Betaine HCL + Activator, digestive enzyme from a quality source like the one at: (not .com). I would suggest she take 4 Betaine HCL, 2 activator, and 2 digestive enzyme after each meal. This will help her start digesting her food and getting the nutrients that will help keep her healthier.

I would also suggest she go to and purchase a container of colostrum powder and mix about 1 teaspoon of this with juice in the morning and at night to stabilize her immune system.

I would also suggest she go to: and purchase a 3 in 1 probiotic that will be shipped to her in ice to preserve the freshness of their product.

good luck to you

Lime Juice with Salt cravings and 10 weeks pregnant!?

Lime Juice with Salt cravings and 10 weeks pregnant!?

It is very normal. I am 12 weeks pregnant and entire time I had been craving satly and sour foods. I actually ate tamarind, pickles, lime juice. But make sure you eat balanced diet. Proper nutrition is important for baby to grow and don't just stick to lemon juice diet. Lemon juice with salt won't hurt you but try to lesson salt if you can. Or drink more water. Try orange juice with some salt in it, i loved it.

Good luck and congrats

Also on this date Sunday, October 1, 2023...