Universal Children's Week on October, 2024: what do i do with my child's behavior?

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what do i do with my child’s behavior?

There's always a reason, even if it's not immediately obvious to you. The most common culprits are boredom and wanting attention. Go out of your way to make sure her needs for attention and for something fun to do are met. Have you tried a nursery school? If so, is her behavior the same there? They can absolutely help you resolve some of these problems and as someone else pointed out.

Consistency is the key and often one of the absolute biggest problems that parents have with discipline. How many warnings to you give before you punish? Too many warnings, or not following through just teaches your child that when you say no you don't really mean it. When you're finished the punishment do you go back and "to it right"? If you ask your child to clean up their toys and they don't, and you put them in time out, what happens afterwards? Too many parents go and tidy up the mess while their kids are in timeout - all you're teaching them is that they can get out of tidying up by sitting in a chair in a corner for a few minutes. Sounds like a win to me! So you absolutely need to find a punishment that works and give one warning then follow through swiftly if they do it again. Then make them go back and do it again correctly. This will be a big battle of the wills the first time but if you ever hope to improve your child's behavior you're going to have to be even more stubborn than her. She will learn quickly if you're consistent. Make sure you have no plans for the day and be prepared for stand-offs over the problems, but don't ever go back on what you say (like if she whines or begs you not to punish her she'll be better).

If you can, watch a few episodes of supernanny online or borrow it from the video store or netflix. After a few episodes you'll see how universal this problem is and how it is absolutely within your power to fix.



You DO NOT have to pay for him! You don't have to buy tickets to any of the parks until your child turns 3, and then there is a child's ticket until they turn 10. Have a great time!

12 1/2 weeks pregnant disney?

12 1/2 weeks pregnant disney?

You should discuss this with your Doctor before you go.

Kali- you can get some good bumps on the ride.

Safari- can be very bumpy. there were some times where we had hang time when we hit a pot hole

WHY take the chance???? to go on a few stupid rides compared to you and your child's safety.?

there is plenty you can still do, plenty of rides you can go on. Like Pirates of the Caribbean,and Soarin', You can go to any of the shows. there is plenty to keep you busy without taking even a small risk to your health.

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