National Character Counts Week on October, 2024: Writers? Please help?

National Character Counts Week 2024.

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Writers? Please help?

I had the same problem. This site:

It puts you on a time limit that you select, then you select what your desired word count is to be at the end of the time. It keep you going by beeping after so many seconds when you stop typing. You sound like a beginner to writing, so the next thing I have to suggest is a nano.

It's short for national novel, which is an activity you can do every November. But I have taken to making my own. It's where you plot out your story, plan it out, I have even made chapter outlines. The word count for the month is either 25,000 words or 50,000 you can pick which one to shoot for. This helps you to finish at least one book without starting five other's in the process. You do the math and figure out how much you need to write everyday, I would advise including one breakday/ makeup day(if needed) per week. :) On the official date, November, there is a website for it where you can add yoru friends who are doing it and it has a thing that monitors your word count if you enter it in everyday it tells you if your above par, or below.

As for writer's block, you have to go crazy with it. Put some imagination it in, everything goes. If it's boring to you, it's DEFINATELY boring to your readers. Have fun, make it as creative as you can. If you stop liking the plot keep what you have written but start developing it in a new way, make a new plan. If you start to hate your characters begin to change them. If you don't like, the reader won't either. The write or die and word count needed per day really help writer's block because your shooting for quantity and not quality so your not worried about what your writing just that your enjoying doing it and it meets the days word count requirement.

Your first question, how to develop a plot, ask a friend to help you get started with it. Pick what genre, fantasy, romance, etc.. Then pick who your writing about, then make character profiles describing not just appearances but background and personality, you can even throw in relationships if you need too. If after making all this doesn't crack open the creativity bottle a little and let some plot bunnies (small story idea you can turn into your plot) float around, I don't know what will :)

Goodluck to you, I hope you become an annual nano-ist.

southern california summer camp?

southern california summer camp?

There aren't many teen camps, mainly because in high school you transition from "summer camp" to "summer job".

There are very few camps in SoCal... you might have to branch out a bit and go a little north. Here's a list:

Anaheim YMCA at Camp Fox

Camp Fox ages 13-18 on Catalina Island. This camp is run by the Glendale YMCA, which also has sessions there. I personally spent many summers there, and it's wonderful.

Bar 717 Ranch/Camp Trinity Hayfork, CA

Beautiful mountain ranch camp teaching responsibility for oneself & others in a noncompetitive supportive environment.

Camp Coulter Pines Wrightwood, CA

A fun oriented camp surrounded by the beautiful national forest. The YMCA camping program builds strong kids, strong families, and strong communities

Camp Fire USA, Camp Wintaka Running Springs, CA

Mountain setting. Traditional program plus specialty activities for 7th-11th grades. Overnights in meadow and camp outposts

Camp Oakes-YMCA Grt Long Beach Big Bear City, CA

At Camp Oakes character counts: caring, honesty, respect and responsibility are pillars to live by. All are welcome....

Camp Ocean Pines Cambria, CA

Camp Ocean Pines provides facilities and programs that promote the arts and environment by inspiring creativity, leadership, and spirituality

Camp Unalayee Callahan, CA

Multicultural, backpacking, wilderness skills, canoeing, leadership training, rock climbing, arts & crafts, fun....

Camp Whittier Santa Barbara, CA

Camp Whittier is a 55 acre retreat center offering teambuilding, outdoor education & children's summer camp. Join us in the beautiful Santa Barbara Mountains

Can a ballet student still go to public school?

Can a ballet student still go to public school?

I can only answer for the states. Students at the JKO school (ABT feeder school) go to regular schools. However you really need to graduate early in order to apprentice with a company. That would mean by age 16. Many opt out of public schools in their junior year to do this. That is if they live near a world class ballet academy and can do this. The reason many get their academics at professional schools and dorm at their academy is that they don't live near it. Students at School of American Ballet often go to PPAS or LaGuardia Arts for high school or choose to be home schooled. Somehow you have to be able to get in enough training in a world class ballet academy to make this a possibility. That means 5-6 hours of technique classes a day. 5 or 6 days a week. Many public schools wont accommodate students in regards to their dance schedules. My daughter went to LaGuardia Arts which is a performing arts high school where she took 3 hours of dance at school and then went to her ballet academy after school for another 3 hours. In junior year because of dance schedules changing, her H.S. made accommodations for her as well as other dance students attending her academy.

If you are in a recreational dance school, you will not be getting professional training. Even if you are an advanced student there. Anything less than 15 hours of technique classes (not counting rehearsals ) a week is considered recreational training no matter where you study. Most teen ballet students take about 20-30 hours of technique classes a week dependent on their age and level.

To answer your question...if your ballet character does it for a hobby and does less than 15 hours a week of technique classes than the answer is yes. If she is a serious dancer, then not likely. You should know that pre-professional dancers have little to no social life and basically live in dance class. They have no time for all that high school "drama". They are well disciplined and have other things on their minds.

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