Kids Care Week on October, 2024: Nanny for six kids five days a week?

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Nanny for six kids five days a week?

Wow that's a lot of work! I would ask at least $700 a week minimum plus milage reimbursement for travelling to pick up/drop off the kids. The parents wouldn't be able to get daycare that cheap and you are absolutely worth it for having that much responsibility. That's $14 an hour which is still a steal.

Good luck!

foster care in MI?

foster care in MI?

You sound like wonderful people, and I think that you will make wonderfull foster parents. I was in foster care for 13 years (just got out in 2005 when I graduated), and let me tell you, there isnt very many good foster parents...Or maybe I was just cursed. There are some out there though, and you 2 will definately be great.

Just be warned, you are not only opening your home to these children, but you are also opening your heart. It will be very hard and will be heartbreaking to see them leave. It will be a very emotional experience.

Just be loving to these children, and keep in mind that some of them have gone through major abuse even if they are young babies.

The best foster home that I was ever in was with a pastor and his wife. I was 12 when I went to their home. He was the most loving foster father that I had ever had, and his wife was just as loving. They actually gave us hugs. Talked to us about our feelings. We did a lot of stuff with the church too, and a lot of stuff as a family. We would go on family trips to theme parks or just to the museum. We would have family walks, and movie night, and camping trips. Every day seemed to be a new adventure. I was never yelled at, hit, or made fun of. They had open minds and very good sence of humor. We ate breakfast and Dinner together too, which was always fun.

Since you are taking infants, I would suggest turning one of your rooms into an art room, where they can color, paint, and stuff like that. Lots of trips to the park, and outside. Have a reading time where all of you snuggle up before bed with a couple of books...

I would suggest you taking it slow. A lot of people going into fostering have a glorious plan of taking in a half a dozen kids. ANd thats all fine and dandy if you know you can handle it. I would start with one child and see how she fits, if you think you can handle more, then get another. Just pace yourself becuase you wouldnt want more than you can handle. I am not saying that you cannot handle 6 children...But I would rather be safe than sorry, becuase it is really important to be able to spend qualitly time with each child, and if you have more than you can handle all the fun goes out of it and it will feel more like a have-to job. You know what I mean? It was just that the last foster home I was in had 8 children in it, and the only time our foster parents had time for us is when they found out that we were doing something wrong, or had a problem with us. We felt like cattle more than anything to these people.

I would suggest also to look up foster care forums on the web, and possibly start a blog about your experiences.

With your attitude towards fostering though, I think that you are going to be an awesome foster mom. Dont lose that spark!

Good luck and God bless you!!


P.S. The person below me said that you cant be licenced for only infants...You can. I know a couple of families that are only licenced for infants. And it is not true that they usually come in groups of siblings. There are many children that come into foster care with no siblings, and a lot of the time, if they do have siblings, the siblings either get sent to a home that cares for sibling families, or are split up. My brother and I were split up in foster care. Unfortunately, it happens a lot. You can only get children in the age group that you are licenced for becuase thats law, unless the foster care department that you work for is messed up. And there is nothing wrong with wanting to adopt and be a foster parent at the same time.

Dont let people get you down!!!

How to not care when kids in school make fun of me in school?

How to not care when kids in school make fun of me in school?

Hey kiddo. Sorry about the teasing. Kids can be very cruel, and I only wish I can tell you that it will get better. But unfortunately, there's really no way to stop kids from teasing in the future. I know it hurts, but you'll get through it. I actually have a couple of suggestions for you. I'm a school teacher with ten years experiences so here's my two cents:

A. First, one way is to try and remedy the problem. I'm sure you wash your clothes, but if they still smell like "dog", then I'm wondering if this means the dogs have access to your clothes. Are the dogs jumping all over you in the morning? That might be part of the problem. Are they in your room during the day? One thing you can try to do is to wear a temporary outfit to school if the dogs are all over you in the morning, and then carry your actual school clothes in a separate bag. That way, when you get to school, you can go straight to the bathroom and change without any smell of your pets on you. I'd also invest in a tiny bottle of body spray that you can spritz over the non-dog smelling clothes (not the others!)

B. Another option is to pull aside all the clothes you plan to wear for the school week and store them all in one dresser drawer. You can then put a couple of dryer sheets in the same drawer (or some dry, perfume-scented washcloths), and then keep the drawer sealed off. That way, through the course of the week, your clothes will become saturated with the odor of the dryer sheets or perfume-rags :).

C. In addition, I would tell mom about the issue, if you haven't already. As much as your mom works, she's not doing it for herself. Your mother is working hard to support you, so it's clear that she must love you. And no parent likes it when their kid is feeling hurt. With that said, you need to sit her down and really express to her that this is bothering you badly. No jokes, no playing. Tell her about the "dog" smell situation, and then maybe, she can help you come up with a solution. You never know.

D. Lastly, sweetie, you don't realize this, but you actually have a lot of power. Nationwide, school districts are taking a grave stand against bullying, and they're cracking down hard. In the state of Florida, where I work, bullying is defined as repeated teasing or harrassment from one student (or a group of students) to another. It may vary from state-to-state, but the concepts are still the same. If it is ever discovered that a child is being teased (even just a LITTLE bit) in any classroom where a teacher is present, but the teacher doesn't report it to school administration, the teacher can actually get disciplinary action from the State. I'm telling you...America is not playing with the whole bullying thang. Therefore, you need to report the teasing, ESPECIALLY if the kid teasing you is doing it repeatedly. You need to head down to your school counselor, or even request to speak to an administrator. I guarentee that junk will stop real quick. How much you wanna bet? It might be hard to take a stand, but please don't be afraid. If you're really scared, have a friend go with you. BUT REPORT IT TO A COUNSELOR OR STUDENT SERVICES. If you sit back and take it, you're only enabling the kid teasing you. Not good. And this kid can also be doing the same thing to others. Please don't make yourself susceptible to teasing if you don't have to. I wish I had known some of the things at your age that I know now.

Good luck, kiddo. And let me remind you: your passive attitude of sitting back, not doing anything but smiling and taking it is not working. It's not changing the situation, it's not teaching the kids teasig you anything, and it's not making you feel better. So you need to sit down and ask yourself if what you're allowing these kids to get away with is working. If it is isnt, then you need to get up and DO something. But if you're gonna sit back and continue to feel fear, smile, and not wanna do anything, then be prepared to keep taking the abuse. It's up to you. Do you have the guts to stand up?

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