Customer Service Week on October, 2024: Problem with ACER customer services. Need advice on next steps.?

Customer Service Week 2024. Getting Ready for National Customer Service Week 2013 Customer Service Week.

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Problem with ACER customer services. Need advice on next steps.?

customer service or tech support is all set up to keep you from reaching anyone important. with that said, its also not their fault and they get yelled at from all both the customers and the management all day long, so go easy on them. you can often cut through the first couple of levels by simply calling up and asking firmly to speak to a supervisor...don't get mad, the tech just resists more, tell them its not their fault, nothing they did, but you need to speak to a should get put through.

try going through something other than customer service, like sales maybe.

a quarterly report will get you names of the board of directors and other real higher up people who you can often social engineer a call to, or at least get too close for their comfort.

write down everyones names that you can, or any case numbers you get, be persistent.

try seeing if you insurance will let you scrub this whole thing and go with another laptop and another company, they are very wallet concerned so throwing in how long you have had them and how you are thinking of moving to another company probably wouldn't hurt.

trying to contact a news agency that does those customer help things isn't a bad idea either.

good luck man, you are up against one big brick wall.

Are you constantly bombarded with poor customer service?

Are you constantly bombarded with poor customer service?

I understand. I am not only bombarded with poor customer service in a lot of places, but I'm bombarded with poor conduct and stink attitudes period. I think it all has to do with the fact that values such as compassion, courtesy, kindness and empathy have been on the decline for the past several years. It's is sad but true. You are not the only one complaining.

It really is frustrating because it feels to me like something is wrong with me, when I am certain I did nothing to warrant this type of behavior. In fact, there is no excuse for bad customer service. Anyone working in any establishment must know the number one rule; the customer comes first. They help pay your salaries and you need them. Your success depends on the customer, not the other way around.

Five years ago when I was about to start work with Inland Revenue, there was a one week seminar prior to the date of commencement of work, for selected job seekers starting, During the seminar, there was a session on customer service, why it matters where we work, do's and dont's when dealing with customers, what to do in various situations, and even a videotape of various acted out scenarios featuring examples of good and bad customer service. This tape showcased the deportment of the counter clerks in the various scenarios, some organized and confident, others sloppy, rude and ineffcient. The session taught us how to react with even the most dificult situations. More and more people need to be subjected to seminars like this, and we need more cool but no-nonsense managers and supervisors to put insolent, malicious, derisive workers in check. There is no excuse for bad customer service.

Customer service NVQ help!!!?

Customer service NVQ help!!!?

Your customer supply chain are all of the local businesses who hold accounts with your petrol station and send their trucks and drivers to your petrol station for petrol.

So just think about your business customers whose trucks come to your station for petrol every week and who pay at the end of the month for all of the petrol. Their drivers will not pay you each time they fill up, instead they will sign a petrol receipt so that you can charge their company. Those are your customer supply chains.

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