National School Lunch Week on October, 2024: What are the school Schedule in Algeria?

National School Lunch Week 2024.

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What are the school Schedule in Algeria?

I'm here it's me who ca help you dear


let's satrt

the educational system in Algeria is based on epdagogical and theorical structures instructed by the MINISTRY OF NATIONAL EDUCATION of Algeria and cointrolled by the Academy of pedagogy and education .

childeren have to enter school at the age of 6 he has to pass 6 years in primary school (now since 2005 we fellow a new educational system which minimize the primary school years into 5 years only)

anyway during these 5 years the pupile have to learn Arabic as his mother language learn mathes basis in accounting and saying numbers ... learning to wrire spell and speak

then in his 3rd year at primary school he has to learn Frensh as 1st foreign language to aquire because it is used in most of official domains of the country

then when he finishes his 5 years during which he learnt grammar science history sports civil scinec Islamic science drawing activities and frensh language of course all what he learns is elementary basically like 30% as it is common that during primary school we learn the intials stuffs all taugh by on eteacher for all the classes except frensh has its own frensh teacher the school starts from 80am to 11 am chgildren go home to have lunch meal at home

except for those who live far from school they can stay at school where there is school restaurant sponsored by the ministry of education

after they come back to class at 1 pm to 3 or 4 pm mostly to 3pm they are free it's all the week since saturday to thursday

but monady and thursday afternoon they don't have class plus friday the weekend and they have 15days holidays in winter and spring and 3months of the summer final year holidays

plus some days off religious or officials days of the country

he has to pass an exam at the end of his 5th year and became graded the primary grade

to pass to Middel school

where he has to spend 4years they have to study now harder than primary school because they will have a teacher for each class and they will study deeper

scinceof nature/ history and geography/ arabic language grammar and all/ islamic scince /civil scince / technology/ soprtactivites /drawing and paiting/ english /frensh

at the end of the 4th year they have to pass the BEM exam of middle school grade

if they pass they will go to High School where they spend 3 years

here they can choose the stream they like or they are good at

scinetific stream / literary stream /technic stream

the 1st high school year is a general basic yearin their stream then the 2end year they also can choose a brach

scientific stream divided into = maths stream scinece of nature or economy and management

literary into = lierature and foreign languges where they can learn spanish +english and frensh/ Islamic science/ philosophy and literature

also technic stream = industry / electronic and architecture

when they finish 3 years they have to sit for the Final exam of high scool Baccalureat which is the most important grade

and exam by which they can enter university they have to succeed with at least 10 out of 20 in all the grades before

and university is open to all who has bacalureat certificate

it's free also student have to pay only subscription fees to subscrib in the university and choose to study what he likes or he is good at but 10 doesn't allow all the student to have their favourit choice those who have 14 or 12 can go to medecines

also 10 is good for em they can enter college anyway

if they live far from university they can have a room in college campous also not expansive poors and rich can both have rooms there plus a bus to take em to they instutions

also student are paid a scholar ship every semester about 2700DA

only those whose parents have debts with taxes of the country can't have this amount of money till they pay their debts

i hope i have helped you dear

ask me again about anything ok

Does anybody know anything about school in China?

Does anybody know anything about school in China?

My kids go to the local Chinese school here in China's northwest.

Start time: 7:50 a.m. This is a review period. First "real" class begins at 8:25 a.m.

Classes are 40 minutes long with a 10 minute break in between. At 10:00 a.m., they get a 20 minute break.

Lunch is from 11:40 - 2:30. Most kids either go home or go to a local home to eat lunch and rest. No cafeteria on this campus.

Afternoon classes go from 2:30 - 4:00. (Two class periods with a ten minute break in between.)

4:00 - 4:30 is a play period.

4:30 - 5:30 study hall or class period. On Thursdays, they get out at 5:10 and on Fridays, they get out at 4:00.

They have PE class once a week and Thursday afternoons free period allows them to play sports. Soccer, basketball, ping pong, jump roping, monkey bars, etc. are most popular. No organized team sports.

Actually, their class days aren't that much longer than elsewhere. Summer break is from July 15 - end of August. Winter break is from January 15 - March 1. The kids generally have lots (and I mean lots!) of homework to do during those breaks.

Each night, the kids have a significant amount of homework. Usually about 45 minutes per subject (Chinese, math, English). This increases as they get into middle school.

Kids have to take an entrance exam to qualify for middle school and to see which middle school they can get into. Middle school begins in 7th grade.

There are 65 students in my children's classes. My daughter is in 6th grade and my son is in 4th grade. There are three classes for each grade, although first grade has four classes. The children stay in the classrooms, while the teachers move around. The children have the same teachers all the way from first - sixth grades. The same teacher teaches them Chinese starting in first grade. When they kids move up to second grade, the teacher moves up with them. Same goes for math, English, PE, etc.

Things can vary according to region. When my daughter was in first grade in Beijing, she didn't come home for lunch. She had lunch at the school and took a nap at the school. Her school day was a bit shorter as well.

Generally, all the schools in the nation have the same curriculum, with minor changes. The Chinese curriculum reflects Han culture, so there are movements to include minority education into the national curriculum.

date for principal appreciation day?

date for principal appreciation day?

there is teacher appreciation week in may and we usually honor all school emplyees then hope that helps

Also on this date Tuesday, October 1, 2024...