Teen Read Week on October, 2024: good teen summer reads?

Teen Read Week 2024. Pound Ridge Library District Celebrate Teen Read Week

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good teen summer reads?

Hey! I'll try and include links for all of them, to make them easier to find! :)

Have you already read the new Pretty Little Liars book? It's called "Killer" and it just came out yesterday. If you haven't read it, then I recommend you do, it's pretty awesome!


If you liked the Clique series, then the Gossip Girl series would be a good match. The books are really cool, but don't have much of a plot. I find them interesting though. They're very addicting! There's a new Gossip Girl series that's really good too, it's called The Carlyles. If you like the Gossip Girl books, then The It Girl is perfect, because it even has some of the same characters! :)

Gossip Girl:

The It Girl:

The Carlyles:

The A-List series is really good too! I read them all in like a week, they were so awesome! :) There's also a spin-off series with new characters, which is really good too! They're still called the A-List though. The first one is The A-List: Hollywood Royalty and the second one is The A-List: Sunset Boulevard. The second one will only be out in August though, sorry! :)

The A-List: (novel_series)

I think you might also like the Private novels, which are kind of similar to the Clique series. I liked them a lot, they were addicting!

Private: (novel_series)

Another book you might like is Kiss Me, Kill Me. It's really suspensful, but girly at the same time! There's a sequel to that called Kisses and Lies, which is also really, really good! :)

Kiss Me, Kill Me:

Kisses and Lies:

Hope I helped, and if you have any questions, just email me! :)


How Many Books Do You Read a Week and What Genre?

How Many Books Do You Read a Week and What Genre?

In my teens I averaged anywhere from 6-10 books a week. Once I started working and going to college, I've gone to maybe 3 if I can squeeze in some time between studying. Grrr. Now I'm on summer break so I'm going to definitely get in some reading time! I read 4 thick books last week by the pool. I love romance, thriller, and murder mysteries =) I've read my share of the classics too. And yes, a writer should be a reader!

Reading list for teens?

Reading list for teens?

Popular teen books are the Twilight Saga and the Harry Potter series.

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