National Food Bank Week on October, 2024: What is the asset limit for food stamps in IL?

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What is the asset limit for food stamps in IL?

This is the national amounts but they vary with the number in the household and you need to call DCSF for your situation. If there is a salvation army office in your area they have a state funded food bank where if you make less than $1,273.00 dollars a month you can get food every week at their location.~

Eligibility Criteria

Income eligibility criteria

Net income limit for family of 3$16,608/year (FY 2007)

Gross income limit for family of 3$21,588/year (FY 2007)

Treatment of child support income

Treatment of child support income3Counted in full (FY 2007)

Asset eligibility criteria

Asset limit4$2,000 (FY 2007)

Treatment of vehicles in asset test5Aligned to TANF cash assistance rules (FY 2007)

Immigrant eligibility criteria

Federal restrictions on lawful permanent residents' (LPRs) access to benefits6Adults are generally barred during their first 5 years as LPRs; "deeming" may affect adults'' eligibility in other cases (children are not subject to "deeming"). (2005)

Legal immigrants eligible for state-funded benefits when barred from federal7

National guard, adultery answers... Please help me!!!?

National guard, adultery answers... Please help me!!!?

He is National Guard so unless he is full time NG there is nothing that the military can do or will do. You need to find a lawyer that will work for cheap and file abandonment and for child support. Then see what programs are available in your area including WIC, Food Stamps, etc....

whats a an estimate cost of traveling the UK for 2 weeks?USD?

whats a an estimate cost of traveling the UK for 2 weeks?USD?

Just like in the US I'm sure., it depends where you are going and what you will be doing. Tell me and i might be able to give you a better idea. In the meantime here's a rough menu:

hostels: at a guess around £35/night. Book online in advance- and check out your chosen place with tripadviser before you book. You can get a cheap hotel room (travelodge, premier inn) in london for £100 (B&B,per night) . Again, shop around online or they will cost more. if there are two of you a hotel might work out better.

tube: get an oyster card from the first underground station you hit. they cost £5 but then you just top them up with cash from a person or a machine, and they register electronically as you pass through barriers. Each single journey done this way will cost under £2, instead of £4 if you bought a singel ticket. if you are having a full day, stayign in zone 1, you will spend around £6.50 a day- it;s capped at this if you travel after 9.30am in the morning. it will take more money off you if you go to outlying zones (eg for Kew Gardens, Hampton Court etc). The oyster card works on buses too.

pint of beer in a pub £2.50 outside london, £3.50 in central london

cheap (but nice) bottle of wine in a supermarket: £5. In a pub/restaurant, the same bottle will cost you £10 minimum.

train fares: omg these are so high. If you are travelling much, and by train whatever you do buy the tickets in advance. I live 350 miles from london. If I buy a return ticket two weeks in advance it can cost as little as £75. On the same day I want to travel, £250. Also, use your student card if you have one- research this thoroughly- there are loads of discount cards but they must be bought in adavance and might not suit you if you dont have friends here to arrange them for you. If you want freedom and you are in a group you may be better off hiring a car for a week. 'Enterprise' are good and pretty reasonable.

The cheapest way to travel is to go by coach, National Epress is the best and very cheap. Again, cheaper if you buy online and in advance. If you are going to Scotland get their sleeper from Victoria Station and you won't waste any time, plus you'll save on a hotel that night.

What else might you want to do:

A day out at a theme park or other attraction. You wont have much change left from £20 per person for heritage attractions. £40 per head for theme parks, although no one pays full price for these; there is always a 2 for 1 offer somewhere online.

A loaf of bread costs £1.20. A pint of milk costs 50p. 500g bag of dry pasta/spaghetti: £1. box of cereal £2

Eating out : indian and chinese restaurants are the cheapest 'sit down' restaurants, after burger bars of course. Make sure you arent in a really posh area- where even indians/chineses can be pricey. Go to somewhere like Brick Lane in London and you can eat OK indian food like a king for a fiver. You must haggle with the waiters touting in the street though, before you go inside the restaurant. there's a great little book called 'time out cheap eats'. get it and you can eat really well.

hope this helps!


Old fashioned london caffs are where you can get a huge fried 'Full english' breakfast for around a fiver. Head out at around 9am, and look for somewhere with lots of workmen in hi visibility jackets, or old men with newspapers. Otherwise they will have plastic-topped tables and no decoration- think prison visiting room.

free stuff: tate britain,tate modern, the british library, muse of london, hanging out on the south bank of thames by the london eye, hanging out on the south bank of the thames next to the festival hall on sunday afternoons etc etc. Get a guide book.

cheap theatre tickets (£20ish each)- little booth in leicester square- look for the queue of tourists.

if you are under 25 you might be able to get a discount £5 ticket from the box office for some shows (some shakespeare, opera, dance, non commercial stuff) and you have to queue on the day, before the box office. Look online for details.

Outside london, west wales is cheap, full of cute villages and surfers. check out St Davids- great campsite with it's own beach.

Or hitchike from London to Stonehenge, walk/hitch to avebury, find west kennet long barrow (just outside) and sleep inside. someone may come and tell you off but as long as you leave no mess you should be ok.

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