Library Snap Shot Day 2022 is on Friday, April 1, 2022: Photography Or Snapshot?

Friday, April 1, 2022 is Library Snap Shot Day 2022. FLA Library Snapshot Day January, 2013 Library Snapshot Day

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Photography Or Snapshot?

Snapshots, except for perhaps a couple. There were too many to critique, and too many that were almost alike. I did like several of them toward the end, a nice bridge shot, one of the Eiffel Tower images, and a pastoral with a tree and fence caught my attention. The majority look like the typical tourist shot. "Hey, look! I stood here and snapped a picture." They do have exposure and compositional shortcomings, but they are no worse than the usual point and snap.

Some were taken in poor lighting. I do understand that in tourist travel photography, you have to shoot the scene whenever you are there. And of course, you won't always be there at the golden hour. Landscape photographers scout out the location and often wait for days or longer to get just the right conditions for the image they have in mind.

Planning the shot, understanding composition, and knowing how to control the exposure to build an image is the difference between a ho-hum I was there shot, and one that makes the viewer take notice and look again.

I always recommend taking a class on the local level if possible. Start learning the basics of the craft, the technical and artisitc stuff. Read books on the basics, and especially on the aspects of photography that interest you. "Understanding Exposure", by Bryan Peterson is a great addition to your photography library. Look at good images from magazines, or good websites like or Keep learning and practicing and your skill and your images will improve. Best wishes!

how do i become an extra?

how do i become an extra?

DON'T respond to any adverts most are rip offs especailly if they want upfront or book fees.

the proer agents now take that out of your first job,

Most of the agencies I now are in London.

What you need to do is get hold of a book called contacts

and an upto date one possibly in your Library.

its like a phone directory

these will be legit agencies.

Some want snap shot photos at first and take their own. others want professional head shot potrait and full body clothed.

Also how old are you as most are either adult or child and there are different child rules.

Youwill be self employed which means you work out your own tax and yes you do have to cuagh up as they take your national insurance number on each job.

To work out tax you add up all the work costs ie travel, food, on the day, photos, computer paper etc...

Take that away from the profit you made .

Then whatever is over £5225 allowance you can be taxed on.

Note you will be waking up 4-6 o clock in the morning as most jobs start 7am or 730 am and maybe the other side of the city.

You need a letter with all your HONEST measurements.

Any acting experience or training.

Your skills ranked beginner , intermediate or advnanced. Note advnanced normally refers to risk involved ie skateboarding advanced would inc half pipe stunts.

So dont say what honestly you cant do ir career is over and the agency is in deep shit if you cant handle it.

Skiils inc work skills, what equipment can you use, if you have military or fireamrs training, hand to hand combat, martial arts, can you do the splits, any grose and naughty party tricks etc.

Also accents, languages,

Any pets you can bring, equipment or items, cars etc, (get paid extra for these)

Also car = more work in out of the way places.

Licenses to handle dangerous animals.

if willing to kiss on camera, similuated sex scene like any TV program, nude, topless , gay kiss etc.

(think TV not porn )

Also thinks you cant do ie scared of heights, food alergies (for catering) etc.

As usually breafast and dinner supplied.

Most of it is sitting around for hours...

So bring games, books, little chairs. something possibly to lie on... Yes you will sleep on set.

You cant walk off set.

Get russian doll bags.

ie big bag with smaller one inside.

The big one holds clothes you dont need and samller one to take on set.

Also get used to using google earth and multimap websites and aim to be there 25 mins early.

If I want to start out in photography as a hobby can I just shoot random places or objects?

If I want to start out in photography as a hobby can I just shoot random places or objects?

Sure, why not? The question is: did you get a shot that people you never met will want to look at without you being around to show it to them?

Start by studying "picture postcard" shots of famous places, then imitate the techniques, but perhaps with a different slant. Different time of day for one. If a shot you like was made in broad noontime daylight, try shooting it at sunset. That kind of thing. Learn the "rules" (read: "guidelines") of composition so that your pictures look pretty when you make them. If you're taking a picture of a person, look for a good background first, then put them in front of it. There's nothing worse than thinking you have a great shot, only to discover that garbage truck in the background when you get home.

Keep in mind also that if you are on a trip to a different place to shoot a SEQUENCE of pictures from time to time, to tell a story. You might start with a wide shot, which establishes place, then a medium shot, which establishes players or focuses attention on a spot in the place, and lastly with close-ups, which concentrate attention on what you're trying to show the viewer.

In the People's Democratic Republic of USAria there generally are no regulations against taking pictures in public places. People there have no "expectation of privacy," so if they appear in your shot as "people who just happened to be there" it's usually okay. Just don't concentrate on them as the exclusive subject or portray them in a way designed to demean. Get a model release if you do. Otherwise, snap away.

One thing to keep in mind, is if you're using a tripod. Outside on the sidewalk it's okay as long as you're not blocking traffic, but use a little common sense if you're inside. You're probably okay if it's a shopping mall concourse, but inside a library or museum it's best to check with the front desk first.

Other countries are another story. I've been hearing of tourists having trouble with the Bobbies when they try to take pictures of street scenes in London, because Brits have become fearful of terrorists scoping out potential targets, and I was advised to not photograph the private home of the President of Mexico when we drove by.

As for the Statue of LIBERTY, it would be a little contradictory if you WEREN'T allowed to photograph it, right? Have fun, and do a little research before you go to discover where things are that you might want to shoot. Remember, that shot of the Brooklyn Bridge with the Manhattan skyline in the background is taken from the BROOKLYN side of the river, but that nobody ever photographs the bridge from the Manhattan side (hint-hint).

Also on this date Friday, April 1, 2022...