Atheist Day 2022 is on Friday, April 1, 2022: Atheistsagnostics only:30 day atheist challenge?

Friday, April 1, 2022 is Atheist Day 2022. Happy Atheist Day Happy Atheist Day

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Atheist Day

The roots of Atheist Day could be tracked to a spoof story, released around the intranet in 2003, in regards to a imaginary situation of the Atheist suing the federal government as, unlike virtually all of the religions, there is no day for Atheists, that the judge stated the date (i.e. April Fool’s Day) was their holiday. Although this situation was imaginary, the storyline spread and was really stated to become fact. Along with the day is proven to be an event for pranks, Atheists stated your day for his or her own, after which stated the day (ironically) doesn’t really exist!There isn’t really a precise method of honoring Atheist Day, though many make use of the opportunity show the absence of belief, and/or initiate theological debate. Since Atheism continues to be a questionable subject occasionally, it’s an chance to improve understanding of the entire subject.

Atheists/agnostics only:30 day atheist challenge?

Well, what REALLY is Atheism. The old Marcus Aurelius line - "Seek that which is the essential nature of something, if you really want to understand it."

In this way. What is atheism other than the tacit understanding that any given faith is probably not correct and that there is validity to be found OUTSIDE of the context of faith.

In this way, ALMOST to a person, every atheist or agnostic I know has internalized their outlook and philosophical viewpoint. Most religious folks can't say that.

So I don't suggest a rule set of things not to do. I suggest engage in an inquiry.

Take any other religion and look at it compared to your own, and you find that MOST (certainly every Judeo,Christian,Muslim) derivative religion has an astonishing amount of similarity to one another.

Essentially it's Mosaic monotheism + 1 and Mosaic monotheism + 2.

Furthermore, my original reference to Marcus Aurelius belies the fact that Polytheism - in its most advanced forms, while paying some lip service to "the Gods", had arrived at an Stoic form of philosophy which was - to many historians and philosophers essentially a proto-Christian world-view.

That it thus descended back into a 2000 year old sales-pitch and has only recently re-ascended (after about 1800 or so) , you end up back at that semi-zen, ascetic state.

For most atheists, once they mature past some of the initial animus that seems to accompany realizing the condition of most modern faiths that people find themselves in, you end up - AGAIN - at that same philosophical point.

So that's really what's interesting to me, whether you approach the inquiry about the REAL meaning of things from an atheistic viewpoint or a religious viewpoint (unencumbered by dogmatic literalism), you end up very near what is really what I think is worth exploring.

In this way, I think then that we can return and seek the value that IS to be had from the various faiths, by determining what values are useful and seem to be beneficial from a societal perspective towards the philosophical / ethical betterment of our condition.

So we really don't need to come at the idea of right and wrong from a "tabla-rasa" perspective, but can use the insight of 12000 years of previous human philosophical advances. It seems shortsighted in the extreme to neglect such a rich ethical cultural and philosophical legacy.

What’s up with all the teenage atheists these days?

What's up with all the teenage atheists these days?

"The internet?"

yes actually, religion depends on being able to censure people, and thats just impossible to do in an open forum online, on top of that, its one of the best learning tools man has made in a long time, perhaps the best since the printing press. as people get smarter, religion will die out.

however, thats not a blanket statement, there are likely many reasons, for me personally, about 22 years ago when i was about 6 years old, i just realized no one could know the things they where claiming to know.

people become atheists for all kinds of reasons, some people are just born atheists and never convinced by any religion, probably because none of them have any evidence of proof.


"And what happens when they enter adult life with their atheism and cannot get a recommend in the better business bureau and can't get voted into an office anywhere? And can't get clientele for their whatever? And their kids don't even have the chance to become atheists on their own?"

personally, i dont live in the USA, so im not affected by any of that, where i live atheists are the majority, and religion is seen as something for crazy people and old people, you will have a hard time finding anyone under the age of 60 in my town who believes in god and does not have a history of mental health problems.

Is today the most atheist day of the Christian calendar?

Is today the most atheist day of the Christian calendar?

Every day is but at this time of year it is especially so just like Christmas!

Easter is set by the first full moon after the vernal equinox. This is the one day in the year when day and night are roughly equal!

It varies by more than a month over the years and so it simply cannot represent the date of anyone's death!!!

It is in fact a combination of several pagan festivals most notably the spring festival.

The name Easter comes from “Eastre” an Anglo-Saxon pagan goddess. Also the Norse goddess,Ostara who took her name from the Teutonic lunar goddess Eostre

Even the Chinese have the festival of Ching Ming where flowers and sweets are put on their ancestors graves!!

The egg and the rabbit are symbols of springtime and rebirth along with the custom of giving flowers etc!!

The Venerable Bede, an early Christian writer pointed out that the Christian church absorbed Pagan practices when it found the population unwilling to give up the festivals. Thus a lot of what Christians now see as Christians practices are in fact pagan!

Fun to watch the Christians worshiping a pagan festival though - makes it just like Christmas when they do the same thing!

Also on this date Friday, April 1, 2022...