Fun At Work Day 2022 is on Friday, April 1, 2022: is it normal to be depressed the day after doing something fun?

Friday, April 1, 2022 is Fun At Work Day 2022. Fun at Work Day Fun at Work Day

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Fun At Work Day

Fun At The Office Day is about taking pleasure in yourself liven up silly, partake at work-based mischief, or simply crank the background music up noisy when you work!

is it normal to be depressed the day after doing something fun?

Maybe you label your days too much?

When we label things our mind is set into that label. For example we label our friend the “best friend” ever, well when we label them this we put expectations to this person to be the “best” person for us and then when that person does something wrong we get totally disappointed in them because our expectations on them were so high.

Another example is when we label how our day will be such as “today is going to be a good day I feel it”, well when we say this we will expect our day to be good the whole time and then when something bad happens which possibly wasn’t even a big deal, we will still over react due to having expectations of a good day.

Another example is if we see a stranger and they seemed really nice, so then we decide to “label” them as one of the nicest people in the world, but then when they do something wrong, we will become disappointed in them. We have to realize though that we are only human and that we are not perfect and due to the fact that we are human, we are always changing, our mind and body are always changing.

“Do not think of yourself as successful at the moment, than you will not face failure.

Do not judge yourself better than others, then later you will not feel like the under dog.

Do not think of yourself as rich, and you will never feel poor.”

Conclusion; Try not to really label yourself or others because it has no benefits, but only damages. Once you break this habit of labeling yourself and others then you will notice more happiness in your life. Now don’t be confused between labeling and a fact. Saying an apple is the color red is not labeling, this is a fact.

Labeling is judging, criticizing.

Maybe you suffer due to desiring?

Suffering from desires is when we desire; crave, want, something that “satisfies our own needs”. Let me be briefer here; Hunger is a need without it we will die therefore it is not to satisfy our cravings, but it is in order to survive. On the other hand there’s brand named clothing, expensive cars, lusting others. We will not die if we do not have brand named clothing, expensive cars, or lusting others, so when we want these it is only to satisfy our own cravings and this leads to suffering. When we desire; crave, want something and if we don’t get it then we will suffer and when we suffer it can lead us to become angry or sad. Now if we do get the object that we obtain, then our desire will hunger out for more, and this will just lead to an even bigger suffering. The longer we desire then the longer we will suffer.

“Desires come and go” (when you desired and then the desire is gone, you’ll suffer for desiring in the first place, so try to resist )

"To want is to suffer" ( a more specific explanation of desiring is wanting, let this be the motto )

What would be a fun day for kids?

What would be a fun day for kids?

May is usually good weather for playing outside.

Inflatable bouncy houses are fun, but very large, as you've noted. There would also likely be some crying and frustration over waiting turns, minor bumps and bruises, and having to stop when overly tired.

How about focusing more on the simple pleasures of childhood?

You could make (or buy) a big batch of bubble solution and have fun blowing and chasing bubbles.

Or, make a big batch of a messy, fun substance, such as constarch goop or homemade silly putty. Recipes can be found here: (This would be especially popular with the schoolage kids!)

If the weather is warm enough where you live, let the kids bring swimsuits and play in sprinklers and with the hose. Soaking wet sponges can be used for an activity like a water balloon toss, without having to worry about all of the little pieces of broken balloons that would be a choking hazard for the little ones.

Invest in a "going away gift" of few new outdoor toys that can be enjoyed while you're there, but also after you go. Possibilities might include wagons or riding toys, a play parachute for games, pinwheels, butterfly nets with bug boxes, hula hoops, sit-on hopper balls, a tunnel, stick horses, ribbon wands to run around with, or new balls to kick and throw. These can be enjoyed all through the spring and summer, unlike a bounce house that is there for a few hours and then gone.

Play a favorite group game together, like freeze tag or hide and seek. Or, hide little surprises around the play yard for the children to hunt for. Mine used to love hunting for small, plastic toy bugs or dinosaurs, or treasure: play jewelry, toy coins, and the plastic craft "jewels" that you can buy at craft/hobby stores. This could be an organized "treasure map" or scavenger hunt for older kids, or just a random hunt - like an Easter Egg hunt - for the little kids.

If you have a space for it, such as a patio, crack open a new bucket of sidewalk chalk and draw pictures together.

Settle in together to read a new copy of your favorite picture book to share with them. You can make a bookplate inside the front cover with a photo of you, and a little good-bye note. Gift the book to the daycare, and the kids will be able to look at it to remember you when you're gone.

Plant a little "memory garden" in a container. Small kiddie pools actually make great container gardens, or you could use a flower box. My kids always loved to plant strawberries and would watch with fascination as the berries grew!

Cool off with popsicles, or have a picnic lunch. Or, order out for a pizza treat - always popular with the kiddos!

Have fun!

Fun ideas for high school fun days.?

Fun ideas for high school fun days.?

thats what we did at my elementary schools fun day hahahh what my school does for the actual spirit day is we have the 4 classes sit in 4 different areas of the gym with their class and the classes chear really loudly together and in the end a certain class wins overall spirit week for their "spirit" usually seniors win of course and we do a bunhc of random things like an obstacle course with the different classes and steamroller, you know what that is?, and we will have a princess procession, thats where each class comes up with a dance revolving around the classes theme and then at the end of the dance they come up with a creative way to bring out the princess from your class or prince (during spirit week each class choses a theme, last year my class got construction so we did a dance where we banged on trash cans and hip hop tap dances to make the noises) and we have a skit revolving around the theme....this is all just for the actual rally but its sooo much fun and in the end the "judges" say who won what, like we won princess procession, frosh won skit seniors won overall spirit week its a lot of fun

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