It's About Time Week on December, 2024: It's now the 4th week of our DAM pregnancy (updated pic) HELP.?

It's About Time Week 2024. 49 Writers: Andromeda: It's About Time, Part One For the next three weeks,

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It’s now the 4th week of our DAM pregnancy (updated pic) HELP.?

It's normal for your dog to go through those phases. Just like people dogs tend to feel better and get more of an appetite during the second half of pregnancy. My dogs don't start showing until week 5 or 6. If she's only pregnant with a few than she may not show until week 7. Your vet can feel the puppies around week 4. Since you had her inseminated and she's showing typical signs of pregnancy than it's pretty safe to say she's pregnant and not going through a phantom pregnancy.

can a fetus move it’s head at 11 weeks?

can a fetus move it's head at 11 weeks?

In these early movements, the limbs move together; they begin to move independently by the ninth week as the controlling neurons in the spinal cord develop.[9] At week 11, the fetus can open its mouth and suck its fingers; at week 12, it begins to swallow amniotic fluid.[10]

In addition to sideward bendings of the head, complex and generalized movements occur at the beginning of the fetal stage, with movements and startles that involve the whole body.[11] Movement of hands, hips and knees have been observed at nine weeks,[12] stretches and yawns at ten weeks,[13] and isolated limb movements beginning shortly thereafter.[11]

Looks like fetus' begin moving their head in sideward bending motions by 9 weeks.

Confused, it’s been a week!!?

Confused, it's been a week!!?

Going by what a waiter is telling you does not mean anything. The decision about hiring anyone is not up to the wait staff, it is up to the manager or manager and district manager.

Most jobs that are available today have a great many applicants so it can take up to a couple of weeks to interview everyone, make a decision and contact the people that are going to be hired.

If you do not hear from them again by the end of this week, you could give them a final call to check in again and if they cannot give you an answer about if you are going to be hired or not, you should start looking for other job openings elsewhere.

Good luck, it sounds as if your interview went well, they may be understaffed and have not had time to make a final decision yet.

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